1/4 Saturday

Still bass on the beach. We got reports in the morning hours again. Same stuff that worked in December is still producing. AVA’s, Teasers, Tsunami Eels, and Kettle Creek Shads. Water temps are still pretty warm for this time of the year. Mid 40’s but the bass are still feeding. Looks like some rain for Saturday but lighter winds. We’re here 7am-7pm EVERYDAY during the winter. We got in more stuff yesterday. StormR Gear including the very popular Strykr Winter Jackets. We also got in more Scabelly 3.5″ Gliders the other day. Good colors still available!

Now’s the time to drop off those Reel and Rod repairs. Both departments are filling up. We also have some new stuff coming from ODM rods if you want a custom for the Spring Run! Stay tuned on our social media pages.