10/11 Thursday

Same report as yesterday. Good bluefish action up and down the local beaches. Had a few guys call in and tell us there was bluefish chasing small bait right on the beach. Metal was all you needed. If you want to bait fish use mullet. The Blues are in the 1-3 lb range. Looks like we got some cooler weather and NW winds coming for the weekend.. Finally!

More Wednesday orders! Big Wader order in from Frogg Togg! Just in time for the Fall. Breathable Hellbenders ($179.99) in sizes 8-13 and PVC Rana II’s ($69.99) in sizes 7-13. We have a TON of them!! We also got a shipment of the NEW Otter Tail Salmon Flash Color. Pics are in the store update section. Expecting a BIG Penn delivery this week with all the new Reels. Open 430am-10pm EVERYDAY!!!!