10/26 Friday– Albies again!

Lots of Albacore chasing small bait up and down again. The Rainfish were all over. No bass reported during the day but we heard some things at night again. Almost everything being reported right now has been on artificials. Haven’t heard much on bait. If you’re targeting the Albacore use small metal such as the Deadly Dicks or Hogy Epoxy Jigs. When it comes to the bass use plugs! SP Minnows, Bombers, or the Shimano Cold Snipers. Everyone we’ve talked to this week that caught bass told us it’s on a very SLOW retrieve! If you think you’re going slow go slower! We got some crazy reports of a BIG body of Bass off LI Thursday. The migration is starting. Fridays weather looks awesome. We have a system coming in Saturday but the winds will switch westerly again Sunday and continue from there. I said it yesterday but maybe this storm will get this thing going. We’ll be open 430am-10pm all weekend..