11/21 Wednesday– Nice IBSP Bass

We had a nice 37″ 16.80 Bass hit the scale by Alex Gelpke. The fish was caught in the IBSP Surf on a Grumpy Bunker! Congrats Alex! We had Bass reported all day long and it was on a little bit of everything. Both bait and artificials produced.. Some are catching well and some just can’t put it together. Our Southern regulars Jack and Earl from Virginia had an absolute blast Tuesday. They worked the local beaches with metal and teasers and had over 3 dozen small bass between the two of them. It seems the guys moving around are doing the best. Don’t stick in one spot all day. We had a lot of birds working along the beach eating Sand Eels in certain spots. Reports of more fish and Sand Eels to the north. I wouldn’t be surprised to see this thing only get better as we head into December. I could easily see the small bass sticking around all winter especially if the Sand Eels stay in the area. 

We got in a Fresh Shipment of Both Fresh Surf  Clams and Fresh Bunker!

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