11/26 Tuesday– Very good day!

Another very good day along the beach. We heard of fish all day from all different spots. Our friends Virginia Jack and crew landed over 40 bass Monday! Most of the anglers we talked to had a ball. We’re in the middle of the fall migration. Lets hope it continues. What’s nice about this run we have right now is the mixed sizes of fish. Most are small but there’s been a few pushing 40″ the past couple days. We sound like a broken record but fish anything that will imitate a sandeel… Skinny Metals, Teasers, Superstrike Needlefish, SP’s, Tsunami/Bill Hurley Eels are the heavy hitters right now but I had a customer come in and report a top water bite first light. Bring an assortment of lures and hit it hard. Weather for Tuesday looks awesome! Open 430am-10pm!