11/28 Happy Thanksgiving!— Best Day of the Fall Run!

Happy Thanksgiving! Easily the best day of the fall run Wednesday. Might of been the best day we’ve had in a few years. Countless fish reported from all over but the Seaside Park to IBSP Surf was HOT. AVA’s, Teasers, Tsunami Eels, Bill Hurley Eels were the heavy hitters. Most of the bass were in the 20-25″ Range but we did hear of a few really nice bass caught. This is what we’ve been waiting for! The bass are here and we’re in the heart of the Fall Migration. We are open on Thanksgiving. Our hours of operation are 3am-2pm! Looks like we got some heavier West winds for Thursday. Should be plenty fishable! We’ll be here early for you. I expect to hear good things again. We hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!

On tomorrows report I’ll post our Black Friday to Small Business Saturday Sales. Some good deals to be had!!!