11/3 Sunday– Good reports in the dark!

On Saturday the conditions were beautiful but the fishing during the day was very slow then it got dark and the reports started flying in. Good action on artificials with solid Bass. Most of the fish were in the 20-27″ range but we had some nice keeper size fish reported. SP Minnows, Midways, Joe Baggs Swarters, and even SuperStrike Needlefish were getting attention! Been a while since we’ve heard needlefish working. If you’re fishing during the day fish AVA’s, AOK’s, or Deadly Dicks. Make sure you have a Sandeel teaser above. Most of the reports came from the Seaside Surf but we heard action from Point to IBSP. We can definitely say it was the best reports we’ve gotten so far this fall. Seems there’s a body of fish moving in. Lets hope it only gets better! Sunday is looking good. WNW Winds! We have plenty of Fresh Bunker, Clams, Mullet, and Green Crabs!