11/8 Friday

Basically the same report as yesterday. Pick of bass along the beach on artificials. Anything that will imitate a sandeel is the way to go. Our very own Sean go into them right before dark in the seaside area on SP’s. You know the drill! Put your time in this time of the year. We can go from 0-60 pretty darn quick. If you want to bait fish we have Plenty of Fresh Bunker and we’ll be picking up some Fresh Shucked Surf Clams Friday. Weather is looking very nice the next few days. Here’s Fridays forecast…. Sunny. High 46. Winds NW 10-20mph. Good wind and the cooler weather is here.

Lots of orders arrived Thursday. Guy Cotton Foul Weather Gear, StormR Gear, Daiwa Reels and Rods, Sportfish AVA’s, Kettle Creek Shads, Tica Rods, and more! Fully stocked for the season. Open 430am-10pm EVERYDAY!