12/2 Sunday

Another good day. First light was very good and once that sun got higher up it slowed down a bit. Mostly a pick during the daytime but if you worked the beaches you caught well. The night bite has been pretty slow this past week but I got a very good report from one of our regulars who reported a ton of small fish late Friday night using needlefish. All the bass we heard of Saturday were on the smaller side but they sure are fun.. Metal and teasers once again. If you’re looking for some good sand eel teasers we just got more of the HOT Bob Bott Epoxy teasers. He can’t make these fast enough for us. If you want to throw bait try using Fresh Bunker. Had a crew do well using smaller pieces of Bunker Saturday evening.

Looks like we got some rain moving in for the morning Sunday with gradual clearing. Open 430am-10pm EVERYDAY!