12/26 Wednesday–Lots to talk about!

We hope everyone had a GREAT Christmas! We are now on our Winter Hours of 7am-7pm everyday until April. I’ve personally been on vacation the whole week but the boys have been texting me about all the orders that have come in while I was gone (Perfectly Timed!) so look for more inventory the next time you’re in.  There’s still some Bass around if you want to give it a shot. Not a lot of anglers trying though so reports are hard to get. Tog fishing on the boats has been really good. We’re loaded on all the HOT Tog jigs and all the rods and reels you can ask for! I’ll be updating this daily report a few times a week throughout the winter. Our social media pages are usually updated daily so keep an eye on them.

Don’t forget now’s the time to drop off any Reel or Rod repairs! Frankie gets swamped later in the winter. Don’t wait till the last second! Also, if you’re looking for a custom rod for Spring 2019 come see Bobby. He’s got a long waiting list so don’t wait to long! We’ve also received a lot of NEW Rod Blanks and more are on the way for 2019.