Sunday 9/30

Small blues up and down the local beaches once again. We had a lot of younger kids come in Saturday and they had just absolute blast with them. They’re not big but on lighter tackle they’re fun. Fresh Mullet on a mullet rig or fireball rig is the way to go. The weather was gorgeous Saturday and looks even better for Sunday. We have plenty of FRESH MULLET available! Did hear of a few blues on small poppers as well. Open 430am-10pm EVERYDAY!

Saturday 9/29 Blues!

The cocktail bluefish are the game in town! Lots of activity on the beaches with them. Use FRESH MULLET on a mullet rig. We have plenty of FRESH MULLET in stock! I had a few guys do well cutting the mullet up and using a fireball rig as well. If you’re not a bait guy try metal or epoxy jigs for the bluefish. The bluefish have been ranging in the 1-3 LB range but we’ve heard of some bigger ones. Few bass showing for the pluggers in the early morning and evening hours. SP Minnows still remain the lure of choice if you want to target them. Everyone has the itch for the bass since we got some cooler weather but remember it’s still very early. The bass that are showing right now are likely resident fish. Looks like some fantastic weather for this weekend. We hope to see everyone!

TGIF! 9/28

Not a ton of angler out again. The report really hasn’t changed much. Heard of more blues on mullet. We’ll have plenty of Fresh Mullet for the weekend. We also got some Fresh Bunker in. Weather looking great for the weekend!

Thursday 9/27 Good fishing.

Same report as the past couple days. Lots of cocktail blues and a few bass mixed in off the surf. Few guys got small bass on medal lips Wednesday. The mullet are still pouring outside and the fish have been on their tails. We finally have a traditional mullet run this year and it’s still going strong. If you’re targeting the blues with bait use Fresh Mullet on a mullet rig. Looking like some good weather for this weekend finally!

Wednesday 9/26

The weather and condition were not the best Tuesday but we did get some good reports once again. Sal Timpani landed and released a nice keeper size bass on a glider. He caught the bass in the seaside park surf. We’re hearing of more and more bass each day. We also heard of more blues on mullet. Speaking of mullet we had more come in Tuesday night so we have plenty of Fresh. Mullet has been the bait if you’re targeting the blues. Should see better conditions as we head into Wednesday.

Tuesday 9/25

The weather kept most anglers home Monday but man did we have some good fishing again. Tons of smaller blues up and down and the inlet was lighting up right before dark according to our netters. The mullet were stacked all over in the evening but the heavy NE winds made it extremely tough to fish. More of the same tomorrow. We’ll see if anyone goes out but if you are bring the heavy sticks. We’re completely loaded up on FRESH MULLET and that’s the bait right now! The mullet run is already 10X better than last season so lets hope it continues.

Sunday 9/23 Lots of Cocktail Blues!

Some good action Saturday. Lots of small blues up and down the local beaches. Mullet, metal, and small poppers are all producing. Nice push of mullet Saturday down in IBSP. We have plenty of Fresh Mullet available! Our netters loaded us up Saturday. Got a couple good night reports from the nightshift crew. Guys walking the beaches after sundown are catching some small resident bass on plugs and teasers. Nice life in the area right now. Weather looks very fishy Sunday. Light NE winds with on and off showers. Break out the rain gear and go have some fun..

Saturday 9/22 Last day of FLUKE!

Saturday is the last day of Fluke Season! There’s still some nice flatties in the wash and most of the guys catching them are not even targeting them. Heard of several 3-4 LB fish caught Friday on mullet rigs while fishing for blues. Speaking of Blues there’s a bunch in the surf chasing mullet and small bait. Both bait and metal are producing. They’re getting a little bigger too! We also have some resident small bass cruising the wash. Bucktails, shads, and metal have caught the past few days. The Mullet run has been getting better each day. Could see a big push coming in the next few days. We have plenty of FRESH MULLET in stock.. We also have GREEN CRABS in stock for the jetty guys. Weather looks pretty good Saturday and should be good Sunday as well.

Friday 9/21

Heard of more mullet out front Thursday which is good news. Small blues and bass were reported. The guys fishing mullet were doing pretty good. We also heard of several nice Fluke caught while targeting the blues.. We have plenty of Fresh Mullet in stock. $4.99 a pack! I also have Green Crabs coming Friday for the toggers. Our big fall delivery came in Thursday! It was like Christmas morning in the shop! Here’s a list of some of the items– More ODM GEAR (Rods, Belts, Bags, and Lures), Daiwa Reels and lures, Tica Rods, Bill Hurley Eel plastics, Korkers, S&S Bucktails including the NEW Game Over Surf Metals, Rod Racks, Penn Offshore and Inshore Reels, Betts Cast nets and other assorted tackle and gear. We also have NEW Sweat Shirts coming for the upcoming Fall/Winter in both hooded and zipper hooded! I’ll post when they come in. Wait till Grump finds out this is only the start!

Thursday 9/20

More good reports Wednesday. Small Blues, Small Bass, Fluke, and an appearance of ALBIES! It wasn’t crazy with the Albies but we did hear of a few especially near the inlet. I think we’ll see some better fishing going forward here. Lots of small bait out front but we’re still waiting for the mullet to really start pouring out. Did hear of some in the inlet Wednesday evening. One of our good customers said the Fluke were stacked along the beach Wednesday but they were all small. Remember Saturday is the last day for Fluke! Open 430am-10pm EVERYDAY!