Thursday 9/20

More good reports Wednesday. Small Blues, Small Bass, Fluke, and an appearance of ALBIES! It wasn’t crazy with the Albies but we did hear of a few especially near the inlet. I think we’ll see some better fishing going forward here. Lots of small bait out front but we’re still waiting for the mullet to really start pouring out. Did hear of some in the inlet Wednesday evening. One of our good customers said the Fluke were stacked along the beach Wednesday but they were all small. Remember Saturday is the last day for Fluke! If you’re looking for waders for the upcoming Fall we just got a delivery of more Frog Togg Waders. Open 430am-10pm EVERYDAY!

Wedneday 9/19

In the morning hours and we did hear some good things especially on the Bluefish front. Cocktails in the 1-3 LB range but we’re starting to hear of a few bigger ones in the mix. Small pieces of Bunker or mullet on a fireball rig was the most productive way to fish for them but we did hear of a few on epoxy jigs and metal. Also heard of some small bass on artificials. Saturday is the last day of Fluke season and we still have some good ones in the suds just have to work for them. We have a bunch of snappers and cocktails in the bay as well. Sent a family out Tuesday and they had a blast on the local docks. Open 430am-10pm EVERYDAY!

Tuesday 9/18

Not a lot of anglers out Monday so reports were slim. We’ve had a lot of blues in the suds the past week so I know they’re still there just need more people out to get a good report. More orders came in Monday. Hogy Epoxy Jigs in all the popular sizes and the HOT Fluke Belly plastics. We’re expecting a tractor trailer delivery Tuesday with more products. Pay attention to our social media pages for updates on new items!

Sunday 9/16 Decent life in the area!

Some good reports came in Saturday. Lots of cocktail blues in the 1-3 LB range. We also got reports of both Fluke and Small Bass. The Bass that were caught were in the tiny range but very fat. Small pieces of Bunker or Mullet was the ticket but we also had a few anglers catch on Metal and Bucktails. Don’t forget Fluke Season ends September 22nd. The back bay has been producing some nice size flatties the past week. There was a kids tournament going on Saturday down in the park and there was 97 fish reported! That’s crazy good and the kids had a blast! Check out the photos in our weigh-in section.. Sundays weather looks great. More light winds! We have plenty of Fresh Bunker, Mullet, and Salted Clams. Open 430am-10pm EVERYDAY!

Saturday 9/15

Not a ton of anglers out again but we did hear of some small blues in the inlet. Ocean was still pretty turned up Friday. Winds look lighter for this weekend. Our bait guy got us more Fresh Mullet. Back bay fishing is getting better. Heard of some small bass and blues on small plugs. Lots of bait in the back! The seasons are changing! We got in a big box of Super Strike Lures Friday. All the popular colors and styles in stock. We also got more Van Staals. Open normal business hours 430am-10pm EVERYDAY!

Friday 9/14

This weather just doesn’t want to break! More NE winds Friday. We had some mullet down in the southern end of the park. Bait guy Phil is bringing in some as we speak. Heard of some small Blues on mullet in the morning hours but not many anglers out. More orders arrived! Here’s a list of stuff that has come in the past few days… CJ’s Poppers, Frog Togg Waders, More ODM DNA Surf Rods ( They’re for real!), S&S Bucktails including the NEW 1.25oz Rock Hopper Pro’s, Tica TC2 Surf Rods, ZeeBaas Reels and Power Knobs, Shimano Tranx Lower Profile Reels, Shimano Stradics in sizes 3000-5000. We’re loaded up and more deliveries are on the way! Open 430am-10pm EVERYDAY!

Thursday 9/13

Well I’m back! The boys did a good job while I was gone. I put in a mess of Orders Wednesday so pay attention to our social media pages in the coming days. We’re getting ready for the fall. Looks like the Fishing report page was down a few days but I believe it’s working good now. As expected the weather is keeping a lot of guys home but the mullet run is slowly starting. Heard of some small Blues and Fluke. Remember Fluke Season closes September 22nd! We’ve been getting in a small amount of Fresh Mullet each day by our netters. Hopefully it kicks into high gear in the coming days. Open 430am-10pm EVERYDAY! The fall season is around the corner now.

Monday 9/10

Seems that Ray being away has effected the weather and posting of reports on our page. Intermittent glitches have been messing with posting reports on our main page. I’ll also include them on our Facebook page in case they don’t post. Well, I don’t have to tell anyone that Florence is beating up the beaches around here. A few guys have been brave enough between the raindrops to fish back bay. I haven’t heard any reports so I can’t post them. Several customers have used this time to load my bench with reels for repair or just a deep cleaning during this period of “sporty” weather.
Frankie Z.

Friday 9/7

Even with that hard south yesterday, we had anglers trying their luck. We had a nice Fluke weighed in but, a number of Fluke anglers were complaining about Grumpys trained Bluefish chopping the tails off their Gulp. Lot of guys catching banded rudder fish also. North wind today with NE coming later will hopefully get the ball rolling. Confidential reports about small Bass in early morning hours on small lures.(you didn’t hear it from me. 😉 ) Open early and close late 4:30am-10pm everyday.
Frankie Z.