Thurs. 9/6

Among the fish reported yesterday was 2-3lb. Blues from Marc B. and son Brody on IBSP using metal and he saw another angler catch a Spanish Mack from the inlet. A little over 2 weeks left in the Fluke season. Time to start getting your last casts in for the season. Had another angler come for a spool refill the “something BIG” took most of his line before breaking him off. Mick Martino weighed a hefty 6+lb Fluke in yesterday from a boat. This weekend forecast says it will be cooling down. Personally I can’t wait. A report from a customer—- “the back of the Island is loaded with Mullet”. (maybe This New Moon will start the push).
And as a reminder We open early and ALWAYS close late. Frankie Z.

Wed 9/4

It’s going to be another beautiful day here on the beach. The Bluefish continue to maraud the shallows taking chunks of fresh Bunker, Mullet and small metals. Fluking remains decent. Also, the Inlet has had a little action now and with small Bonito in and out. Once the Mullet start their fall migration look for hungry fish to be hot on their tails. PSA— We received another big order of Capt. Ron’s Insect Repellent in and from the satisfied customer reviews it will always have shelf space in the store. Anytime it’s warm and the wind is from the west at all, HAVE IT HANDY.

Frankie Z.

Tuesday 9/4

Beach fluking remains good with a nice mix of Blues and a few Bonito and some Spanish Mackerel and small Bass thrown in for good measure. Crabbers should take advantage of the thinning crowds on the docks and bay. Blowfishing remains good by BB and BI buoys, Make sure to chum heavy to draw those delicious critters close to the boat. Bob is busy as usual at the rod building bench trying to get as many rods done as possible for the fall run. Grumpy’s status remains the same as everyone can attest to. I was on the Channel 9 News at 11 last night but, unfortunately getting up early didn’t allow me to watch it.
Frankie Z.

Summer is hanging on…

Another beautiful day forecasted for our area today. Fishing remains pretty much the same, interesting. On the beach still getting a good fluke bite with keepers weighed in about everyday. Small to cocktail sized Blues, schoolie sized Bass first light-last light with some still being caught midday. Crabs still eating although smaller ones dominating but, we did have a full moon which means a shed. Back bay Bass action heating up with the cooler evenings brings bait schooling up getting ready for the “RUN”. AND, we’d like to take a moment to thank all our loyal AND new customers. Without you we wouldn’t be here.
Thanks, Frankie Z.
P.S. I got the job of reports this week as to Ray taking some much needed time off to spend with his family. (He’s all yours for a week Gia 😉 )