10/10 Wednesday– Good life!

Some really good reports came in during the late afternoon hours. Small blues were chasing small bait in all different area. Birds were working right along the beach. If you were there you caught a lot of small blues! Few Albies and small bass were mixed in with them. Metal and epoxy jigs were working great and if you wanted to just dead stick a rod Mullet was the bait of choice for the blues. The mullet run has actually picked back up as our mullet netters are getting them good again. The mullet run this season has been pretty darn good. Explains why there so many small blues along the surf.

We had more orders arrive Tuesday. Otter Tails, Avet Reels, Rod Geek Blanks, and Penn Reels. More expected this week as we get ready for the Fall.

10/9 Tuesday

Ocean was very fishy Monday but not a ton of guys went out. Cocktail blues were reported in the morning. The mullet run is slowly fading but we’re still getting a trickle of it each day from our netters. More Grumpy Clothing arrived Monday! This time it’s the NEW Grumpy Screen Printed Hoodies and Zippered Hoodies! Check out the Store update section or our facebook page for photos.

10/8 Monday

Few small bass in the dark on plugs. Some blues on mullet and we did hear of a few Albies in the suds. Only a few caught but it was nice to hear about them.. Water temps are still pretty warm for this time of the year.. Looks like some cooler weather coming later next week. Thats what we need right now.

10/6 Saturday

We had tough conditions Friday with the NE wind. Heard of some cocktail blues first thing in the morning but not a ton of guys went out. Better weather for this weekend. We hope to see everyone!

10/5 Friday!

Lots of cocktail blues right before dark. Every cast on Mullet. Actually had a few guys come back in the evening to load back up on bait. The mullet run is slowly starting to fade but the bluefish are still all over. The size isn’t there yet but the action has been very good. Did get a interesting report from one of our regulars that told us he had a 2 lb blue on and that it got bitten in half. Larger Bluefish?? If you want to work the beaches at night with plugs there is some smaller bass in the neighborhood. Weekend weather is looking great. More orders arrived Thursday– S&S Bucktails, Penn Battalion Surf Rods, Boga Grips, Supreme Plug Bags, and some other assorted tackle. Also, if you’re looking for a new ODM surf rod for the fall and don’t want to wait  for a regular custom we just finished a handful of ODM NEX1’s. Stealth black color with custom “Bobby” grips! Come check them out.

10/4 Thursday– More Stuff!

Nothing has really changed. The guys that went out had fun with the cocktail blues on Mullet. Few guys are catching on metal. Some small bass in the dark on plugs out front. Back bay is starting to come alive with small to keeper size bass. Small plugs and paddletails is the way to go there. Looks like some nice weather for Thursday. We have plenty of Fresh Mullet, Fresh Bunker, and Salted Clams! Fresh Bunker has been hard to get recently but we were able to get some jumbos from a supplier down south. More stuff arrived Wednesday! Full line of Grumpy Clothing including the NEW Grumpy Tackle Trucker Hats! Photo’s of them are on our facebook page. Everyone has been asking for them so we got them in. We also got in more Grumpy Hoodies. More orders expected in the coming days as we get ready for the fall run.


10/3 Wednesday

More reports of cocktail blues up and down on fresh mullet. Few more bass reported in the evening on artificials. Decent amount of blowfish reported on the local docks on clams. Had one of our regulars report over 30! Someone tell mother nature its October! The warm weather continues. Wednesdays forecast… Mostly sunny skies. High 79F. Winds NW at 5 to 10 mph.

10/2 Tuesday– Fall orders are arriving!

Welcome to October! Conditions were pretty good Monday. Not a ton of anglers out but we heard of more bluefish on mullet and metal. There’s bass in the neighborhood just nothing with size yet. Had one angler report a couple short bass right before dark on small plugs out front. We’re almost at that time of the year to start hitting it hard on the surf. You can’t expect blitz fishing every year.. The mullet run this season was very good. The best it’s been in years and they’re still pouring out. There’s a ton of peanuts in the back and we can only hope those guys make it out front and stay close to the beach. Last fall the bait stayed way off the beach and the boat guys had the fun. Every season is different! —FALL ORDERS ARE ARRIVNG!– We got in 5 boxes of Guy Cotten gear including the NEW Efficient Surf Tops! Also in the order was Boat Tops, Bibs, Sweatshirts, Sweatpants, and Hats. Guy Cotten has some of the nicest foul weather gear in the industry. If you’re in the market for a new surf top for the fall come check these guys out!