5/31 Friday

The last day of May is here! Basically the same report as its been. Good spread of Bluefish all over the surf. Both bait and artificials are working. We did weigh in one bass by Jesse Arnoldi. The bass was 12.45lbs and it hit a plug. That wasn’t the only bass we heard of Thursday. More were reported off the surf on bait and plugs.. We also had some Blues weighed-in. The bay is still producing Blues as well. The fishing this spring never got epic but It’s been very consistent. The Bluefish have really given us a good time. The anglers that are targeting the fluke in the wash are catching. Some are keeper size. Still nothing special yet but they’re there if you want to target them. The weather for Friday and Saturday looks amazing.. Fridays forecast… Mostly Sunny. High 79. Winds West 5-10mph. We have plenty of Fresh Bunker, Salted Clams, and all the frozen bait you need. We’re working on getting some Fresh Clams for the weekend but they’ve been tough to get recently. 

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5/29 Wednesday–Bluefish!!

The weather held most back on Tuesday but the anglers that went out did very well especially in the evening hours. You had to dodge the storms but it was good! We heard of fish the whole stretch of IBSP. SP Minnows were getting the most attention but we also had anglers doing very well fishing Fresh Bunker and Mullet. Few guys did well on pencil poppers. Most of the Bluefish were big but there is some cocktails mixed in. Nothing reported to us on bass Tuesday. Wednesdays weather.. Partly Cloudy. Chance of PM Storms. High 75. Winds North 10-15mph. Similar forecast to Tuesday and look how good the fishing was. Remember almost every day during the summer there’s storms predicted. Most never happen! Welcome to summer on the jersey shore!

We got in 2 boxes of Backlash Sportfishing surf rigs made by local angler Bob Bott. Theses rigs are the best on the market. From Bass to Blues to Sharks he has you covered. We haven’t been able to keep them in stock but we now have every style available! If you’re not into tying your own rigs look no further. 

5/28 Tuesday

Good fishing again! Not insane but good. Reports came from all over. Move until you find them. Don’t stick in one spot all day. Most of the anglers we talked to had a fun day. Our very own Sean took his kids down to IBSP for the day and had a blast with the big blues on SP Minnows. More Fluke were also reported off the surf. Tuesdays weather… Cloudy. Chance of PM Thunderstorms. High 70. Winds SE 10-15mph.

Here’s some pics from Monday…

5/27 Memorial Day Monday!

This Memorial day we salute the men and women who served to protect our great country. From all of us at Grumpys, THANK YOU!

Fishing Report

Another good day along the beach and even in the bay. The Bluefish have given us one heck of a good time this month and it continued Sunday. Countless reports from all over. Little of everything worked but SP’s and Poppers remain your best bet. Nothing reported on the bass in our neck of the woods. Still think we get a push of some bass in the next week or so but we’ll see. We had some more fluke reported off the surf on Gulp. The most interesting thing we heard Sunday was a shark report from Al Acquaviva Jr. He caught and released a smaller size Sand Tiger Sunday evening using bait in the surf. Maybe this is a start of some shark life in the area? We’ll see! One of the best memorial day weekends weather wise will continue into Monday. Mondays forecast….Partly Cloudy. High 73. Winds NNE 10-15mph. Here’s some weigh-in pics from Sunday… Blues to 15.80lbs were weighed-in!

5/25 Memorial Day Weekend!

This Memorial day weekend we salute the men and women who served to protect our great country. From all of us at Grumpys, THANK YOU!

Fishing Report

Good day again. Seemed like the morning hours were better than the evening on the surf but we had a bunch of anglers do really well with the big Blues again. Heard of a few bass but this remains a mostly Bluefish game at the moment. Poppers, SP’s, Bunker chunks, and Mullet are the way to go. Assorted sizes with the Blues Friday. Anywhere from cocktail size to 13-14lbs. We had bunch of Blues weighed-in. Reports were also coming in from the bay Friday evening. Local docks were producing using bunker chunks. All big Blues. We got some encouraging reports of some nice fluke in the wash. Few guys that targeted them did well. Everything reported was on Bucktails and Gulp. Make sure you have a gulp teaser rig! We have them if you need them. If you’re a crabber we finally got some good reports of some decent size crabs on the east side of the bay. Weather looks fantastic for Saturday and pretty much the whole weekend. Saturdays forecast… Mostly Sunny. High 68. Winds SE 10-15mph. Enjoy the weekend with family and friends and go fishing! We’re here all weekend and Memorial day 430am-10pm! Normal business hours! Here’s some pics from Friday…

5/24 Friday– Great day!

Great day along the beach Friday. Mostly all big Bluefish in the 8+ LB range.. Just move until you find them! These fish are moving so there’s no hot spot. We did have a few really nice bass reported as well. Seems we’ve been hearing more and more about bass the past few days especially in the evenings. Poppers and SP Minnows were the top hitters Thursday.  Don’t forget Fluke Season opens Friday! We have everything you need! This years regulations are 18″ with a 3 fish bag limit. If you fish from the shore at IBSP the regulations are 16″ with a 2 fish bag limit. We’re already hearing of fluke in the wash. 

The conditions were awesome Thursday and the weather looks very good for Friday. NW winds!! Fridays weather… Sunny. High 74. Winds WNW 15-20mph. If you want to bait fish we got a night Delivery of both Fresh Clams in the Shell and Fresh Bunker. Here’s some pics from Thursday. Probably the best action we’ve seen this spring so far...

5/22 Wednesday

Good bite along the beach Tuesday. Mostly all big bluefish in the 8-14LB range. I did hear of a few smaller bass during the evening shift. Both bait and artificials produced. We had our first bluefish weighed in on a popper from out front but SP’s are still working the best as of right now. If you want to lazy man fish throw some Fresh Bunker or Mullet out. I talked several anglers that had really good action using bait. Water temps are in prime range and this type of fishing should only continue. The back is still producing big bluefish. Store regular Ant Decaro had a blast in the back using poppers in the afternoon hours. There’s fish inside and outside so it’s your choice! Another little report I got was all the Fluke in the wash. Store regular Lou Defontney released a 5 LB Fluke while fish for Bass using kettle creek shads. He reported not just one either! Lets hope that continues when the season opens this Friday.

We have another nice day on tap for Wednesday. Mostly Sunny. High 70. Winds North 10-15mph. We picked up some beautiful Fresh Clams in the shell before closing Tuesday and we have Fresh Bunker in stock!

5/21 Tuesday

Decent spread of Bluefish along the beach Monday. Both bait and artificials produced. The fish outside ranged from cocktail size to 14lbs! I talked to several anglers that told me they saw Bluefish in the wash just swimming by. Didn’t hear much on bass but we’re hearing of a nice body of fish to our south.. The Bluefish are still in the bay in good numbers. Poppers have been the top choice back there. Don’t forget! Fluke Season starts this Friday! We have you covered for the 2019 Fluke Season. From Gulp to Bucktails to Rigs to Premium Frozen bait. This years season will run from May 24th to September 21st. The size limit is 18″ and the bag limit in 3 fish. If you fish IBSP (land) the regulation will be 16″ with a bag limit of 2 fish. We’re already hearing of Fluke in the area. Tuesdays weather…..Partly Cloudy. High 72. Winds NW 10-15mph. Another nice day on tap!

Open 430am-10pm Everyday!

5/19 Sunday

Good luck to everyone entering the 2019 Governors Tournament down in IBSP! We will re-open 230am! We have all the bait and gear you need! 

Fishing report— Basically the same report as yesterday. Pick of Bluefish and Bass along the beach on bait. Few anglers got them on plugs. The back bay was very good once again. Medium to Large size Bluefish on Poppers and plugs. We also had anglers catching them on the local docks using bunker chunks. The Bluefish have not disappointed this spring! Sundays weather….Partly Cloudy. High 73. Winds SSW 10-15mph. 

5/18 Saturday

We had a steady pick of both Bluefish and Bass along the beach Friday. Nothing crazy but I did hear of a couple really nice bass caught. Some guys got into the small to medium size blues out front on plugs and metal. Don’t stick in one spot all day! Stay on the move. The anglers moving around are having the most success. We did hear of some Bunker in casting range in a few different spots so make sure you got some snags in your bag. In the back bay the Bluefish and small bass came to life again. Some jumbo blues were reported in the early afternoon hours on poppers. The weather was darn close to perfect Friday and that looks to continue Saturday. Go out and enjoy this stretch of weather. We deserve it after this past month! Saturday weather….Partly Cloudy. High 71. Winds NNW 5-10mph. We currently have a ton of FRESH CLAMS in the SHELL and FRESH BUNKER! 

The IBSP Governors Tournament is this Sunday and we’ll be fully stocked with everything you need for the big day! We’ll be open till at least 10pm on Saturday night and reopen 2:30am on Sunday morning for all entries! Good luck to everyone entering!