6/13 Thursday–More Drum and the Blues remain!

Basically the same report as yesterday. Heard of more Drum along the beach. We had a nice one hit the scale by Alberto. The Drum weighed 26.65LBS. He caught the fish down in the IBSP Surf on a Clam. Alberto also told us about a massive fish he hooked and fought for almost 2 hours! He never saw it but we saw the video and it was something very LARGE! Shark, Ray, or something else??  We also had Blues reported from both the Surf and Bay. Local legends Scott, Ant Decaro, and Darrell got into them good up to 14LBS on poppers. On the bass front we had one of our regulars send us a pic of a beautiful 48″ Bass he released Tuesday from the surf.. We picked up some beautiful FRESH Surf Clams in the shell for all these Black Drum in the area and we also have plenty of FRESH Bunker. 

We got some more boxes in Wednesday. M&M Sharks Rigs (For the upcoming shark tournaments!),  Shimano Saragossa’s in sizes 5000-10000, and more of the NEW Pro Blue G-Loomis Inshore Rods which we should have on the floor Thursday!

Here’s a couple pics. The Bass in the photo was 48″! ….

6/12 Wednesday– Black Drum!

We had some very good reports come in Tuesday from the IBSP Surf..  Black Drum, Blues, and Fluke were all reported. The Black drum were BIG! We actually heard of a decent amount of them.. Nice to see these guys in the area. Paco came in with a 30.25LB Black Drum he caught on Clams. If you want to target them use a very similar rig to what you would normally use for bass. Clams on a fish finder or hi-lo rig is your best bet for them. Some nice Fluke were in the wash Tuesday. We had several guys come in and tell us about a good bite in the morning on Gulp and Bucktails.. Ocean temps warmed a bit so I wouldn’t be surprised to hear something on sharks again. Wednesdays weather….Partly Cloudy. High 71. Winds ENE 10-15mph. Here’s a pic of of Paco’s Drum..


6/11 Tuesday

Not a ton of anglers out with the crummy weather we had but we did get a good report from one of our customers in the morning hours. He caught a very nice keeper size bass off the Surf using fresh bunker. In the bay we got some good reports of Bluefish yet again on poppers. Ant Decaro and Scott told us the Blues were putting on a aerial show in the back chasing poppers. The action in the back remains very good. Weather looks better for Tuesday. Party Cloudy. High 80. Winds NW 10-15mph.

We did get some orders in Monday. We now carry KTS Custom plastics. The 7″ panthers have been very hot and we now have them in 4 colors.. We also got a box in from Van Staal. In the order was the full line-up of VR’s and some 200 X-Series Reels. 

6/10 Monday

The fishing overall was pretty slow this weekend on the surf. Not everyone had a bad weekend though. Few did well with Blues using bait. We did have some Bass reported in the morning hours on Sunday on bait. The back bay came back to life! Both days produced some jumbo blues on poppers and bunker chunks. Even the local docks are still producing. The Fluke activity out front was pretty slow but we did hear some good things from the manasquan river and barnegat bay. Shark activity has slowed with the cooler water temps but that could change very soon. We had an early wave of some smaller sand tigers. We’ll see what this week brings. Starting to hear more and more about some decent blue claws in the bay if you want to crab. Here’s some weigh-in pics from this weekend…


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6/8 Saturday

Slow pick along the beach Friday. We did have a nice Bass hit the scale by Nick English. The fish was 34″ long and weighed 13.00LBS. The bass hit a Scabelly Glider. We also heard of some blues on the surf. The water temps dropped so bait may be your best bet. Almost everything we heard on the Blues was on either Fresh Bunker or Mullet. Another nice day on tap for Saturday. Mostly Cloudy. High 73. Winds ENE 10-15mph.

We picked up some beautiful Fresh Surf Clams in the shell and we’re getting over 600 LBS of Fresh Bunker as I type this! Loaded on Fresh Bait for the weekend. 

6/7 TGIF!

Decent pick of Blues in the southern end of IBSP. They would pop in and pop out. Bucktails and metals. Water temps chilled a bit from Wednesdays south wind so didn’t hear anything on the sharks. I did get a report of some Bass on the beach right before we closed for the night. The angler was using Bunker chunks. The weather going forward looks fantastic! Fridays forecast…Partly Cloudy. High 74. Winds NE 10-15mph. 

We got in the NEW 5″ Gulp Grubs in 4 colors. Pink Shine, White Glow, Nuclear Chicken and Chartreuse! This size should be our top selling Gulp going forward.  Just a perfect size for the surf and boat. We also got in 10 boxes of Grumpy T-shirts and Sweatshirts. All the neat designs are now in stock! 

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6/4 Tuesday– More Sand Tiger Sharks reported!

Decent action on the surf again. Nothing crazy but a good pick of assorted size Blues . The news of the day was the reported sand tiger sharks! They’re not the big ones YET but we heard of a decent amount of them especially during the evening hours..  We also heard of a couple bass caught in the evening on bait. Speaking of bait we picked up some beautiful Fresh Bunker and Fresh SURF Clams in the shell Monday evening. Conditions look perfect for Tuesday. WNW winds!

 I’m expecting a really big delivery of the BEST Bug Spray on the market Tuesday. Captain Ron’s Insect Repellent! This stuff has taken over the area. Everyone we’ve talked to that has used it says nothing but good things about it. Works awesome with the IBSP Green Flies! Check back Tuesday PM if you want to grab a bottle! 

6/3 Monday

We heard a little of everything Sunday. The weather was beautiful in Seaside Park most of the day so if you let the weatherman scare you shame on you! We had Blues, Bass, Fluke, and more Sand Tigers reported! The Sand Tigers are surprising. They’re not here in big numbers yet but we heard of them both Saturday and Sunday by anglers fishing Bunker Chunks for the Blues and Bass. Most of the ones we heard of were in the 3′-4′ range. The Bluefish were reported pretty much all over again and they’re still in the bay. Both bait and artificials produced. We heard of more bass some keeper size in the surf. Mondays weather looks good. Mondays forecast… Sunny. High 71. Winds NW 10-15mph..

Open 430am-10pm Everyday!

6/1 Saturday

Happy June! Decent bite again. The Bluefish have been all over no hot spot. It’s more Blues than Bass but we keep hearing more and more on Bass. Both bait and artificials are producing. We had a nice one weighed in my Paul Berger. The Bass was 38″ long and weighed 17.90LBS. He caught the fish in the surf on a Bunker Head. We also had 3 year old Noah come in with his Bluefish. Check the pic below! He was pumped! We also got more reports of some Fluke in the wash. We picked up over 550LBS of Fresh Bunker for the weekend. We also have plenty of Salted Clams and all the frozen bait you need. Weather for Saturdays looks great! Partly Cloudy. High 71. Winds ENE 5mph. 

Lots of stuff came in the past couple days. Here’s a list of some of the items. Madd Mantis Poppers, Trailhead Tire Deflators, S&S Bucktails, Gibbs Lures, Calcutta Sunglasses, Penn and Daiwa Reels including our top selling BG Series spinning reels, Xtra Tuff Boots, and a ton of fill in items. Here’s some pics from Friday…