8/20 Tuesday– St. Croix Sale!

We’re having a Sale on all St. Croix Legend Surf and St. Croix Avid Surf Rods. 30% OFF the Sticker Price! We need to make room for all the New Legends and Avids that are coming in so you benefit! Lots of good ones to choose from in the Legends.

Fishing Report– Nothing has really changed in this department. The Bonito fishing has gotten better in the past week. We still have small Blues all over. Fluking is OK. Lots of small fish. There’s actually some small resident bass around eating small bait. Should start hearing of some Albies soon. The Mullet run is around the corner now! We’re getting ready here at the shop. Lots of Fall orders being put in this past week. 

8/16 TGIF! Fishing remains steady!

Fishing remains pretty steady along the beach. The small bluefish have been giving anglers a fun time. Mullet on a mullet rig is producing very well but we do have some anglers catching on bunker. The Kingfish are still in the area. We had a few locals do well using Fishbites in the surf the past couple days.. The Fluking in the surf has had its good and bad days. Seems there’s a decent amount of them around but the keeper ratio still isn’t good. Should improve as we move towards the mullet run season. There’s also a lot of bonito around chasing small bait. For those guys use either a Hogy Epoxy jig or Joe Baggs Resin Jig. There’s also Triggerfish and Tog near the jetty. The crabbing in the bay remains good and there’s a decent amount of Blowfish showing up. Lots to fish for this summer! The weather has been perfect so get out and enjoy the rest of summer! The Fall season will be here before you know it! We’re here 430am-10pm EVERYDAY!

8/12 Monday–Summer Fishing!

The beat goes on. Fluke and Kingfish in the suds, Bonito and some Spanish Mackerel popping up along the beach, Small Bluefish all over on bait and small metal and there’s some big Rays around especially in the evening eating bunker chunks. The jetty has been producing some nice triggerfish and there’s some nice tog around the rocks too. There’s a lot to target if you want to fish. The weather has been beautiful! We’ll keep you updated if anything changes!

Open 430am-10pm Every Day!

Basically the same report!

Report still hasn’t changed much. Typical summer fishing and boy has the weather been nice! We have Fluke, Rays, Cocktail Blues, and Kingfish in the suds. On the jetty there’s some Fluke and Triggerfish. Don’t forget Tog season is now open for you jetty guys. The limit is 1 fish at 15″. The bay has been giving up some beautiful blue claws and some decent action with the snappers and blowfish. We’ll update if anything changes! Hope everyone is having a great summer. The fall is around the corner now…

Open 430am-10pm Everyday!!!