6/12 Wednesday– Black Drum!

We had some very good reports come in Tuesday from the IBSP Surf..  Black Drum, Blues, and Fluke were all reported. The Black drum were BIG! We actually heard of a decent amount of them.. Nice to see these guys in the area. Paco came in with a 30.25LB Black Drum he caught on Clams. If you want to target them use a very similar rig to what you would normally use for bass. Clams on a fish finder or hi-lo rig is your best bet for them. Some nice Fluke were in the wash Tuesday. We had several guys come in and tell us about a good bite in the morning on Gulp and Bucktails.. Ocean temps warmed a bit so I wouldn’t be surprised to hear something on sharks again. Wednesdays weather….Partly Cloudy. High 71. Winds ENE 10-15mph. Here’s a pic of of Paco’s Drum..