6/13 Thursday–More Drum and the Blues remain!

Basically the same report as yesterday. Heard of more Drum along the beach. We had a nice one hit the scale by Alberto. The Drum weighed 26.65LBS. He caught the fish down in the IBSP Surf on a Clam. Alberto also told us about a massive fish he hooked and fought for almost 2 hours! He never saw it but we saw the video and it was something very LARGE! Shark, Ray, or something else??  We also had Blues reported from both the Surf and Bay. Local legends Scott, Ant Decaro, and Darrell got into them good up to 14LBS on poppers. On the bass front we had one of our regulars send us a pic of a beautiful 48″ Bass he released Tuesday from the surf.. We picked up some beautiful FRESH Surf Clams in the shell for all these Black Drum in the area and we also have plenty of FRESH Bunker. 

We got some more boxes in Wednesday. M&M Sharks Rigs (For the upcoming shark tournaments!),  Shimano Saragossa’s in sizes 5000-10000, and more of the NEW Pro Blue G-Loomis Inshore Rods which we should have on the floor Thursday!

Here’s a couple pics. The Bass in the photo was 48″! ….