6/26 Wednesday– Summer Fishing!

The waters are warming and it’s bringing in more summer time species. Not a lot of anglers out Tuesday but we got reports of Cownose Rays, Sandtiger Sharks, Kingfish, Fluke, Cocktails Blues, and Bonito. The water was extremely clear and beautiful Tuesday. We had several anglers come in during the night time hours and tell us about some monster run-offs using bunker chunks. Likely Rays or Sharks but it sure gets the blood pumping! If you’re targeting those Bonito in the area we just got in a mess of the NEW Joe Baggs Resin Jigs. We got them in a bunch of different sizes and colors. Store regular Lou Defonteny reported some good Fluke Fishing on the surf using Gulp and Jigs. We have everything you need for the Fluke! Wednesdays weather looks gorgeous. Sunny. High 87. Winds NW 5-10mph. 

Announcement from the Reel Repair Dept!
As of today we will not be accepting any reels for repair, as Frankie Z. has a knee surgery scheduled for this Friday. He will be finishing his never ending pile shortly. If you still need it repaired, you can drop it off and it will be repaired in order of acceptance upon his return. Thank You!