6/28 Friday– Fluking getting better! More Sharks reported at night!

We heard of some good fluking along the beach Thursday. We had 2 keepers weighed-in. Seems the fish are real close to the beach so don’t over cast or reel in your jig to soon! Everything being reported is on Gulp. We also had some Smaller Sand Tigers reported by the evening shift so it is now that time! We also have some cocktail blues, in and out Bonito, Houndfish, and Kingfish being reported. There’s a little of everything right now.. The good stretch of weather looks to continue.. Fridays weather… Partly Cloudy. High 86. Winds East 5-10mph.

We’re happy to announce our new factory surf rods! The Grumpys Tackle “Sandstorm” Series Surf Rods are now available! We’ve been working on this particular model for over a year. The rod is designed by our Master Rod Builder Bob Hryszko. This is perfect for any angler looking for a high-end rod that won’t break the bank. This rod particular model is 9’-0″ and has a rating of 3/4-3oz. It’s a 2 piece rod with all All Fuji Components including silver Fuji K Style guides. It’s built with a dark blue thread to give it a stealth slick look. They retail for $179.99! Next time you’re in check them out. We’re pretty excited about these. Here’s a few pics of the rod..