6/7 TGIF!

Decent pick of Blues in the southern end of IBSP. They would pop in and pop out. Bucktails and metals. Water temps chilled a bit from Wednesdays south wind so didn’t hear anything on the sharks. I did get a report of some Bass on the beach right before we closed for the night. The angler was using Bunker chunks. The weather going forward looks fantastic! Fridays forecast…Partly Cloudy. High 74. Winds NE 10-15mph. 

We got in the NEW 5″ Gulp Grubs in 4 colors. Pink Shine, White Glow, Nuclear Chicken and Chartreuse! This size should be our top selling Gulp going forward.  Just a perfect size for the surf and boat. We also got in 10 boxes of Grumpy T-shirts and Sweatshirts. All the neat designs are now in stock! 

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