7/22 Monday– Kingfish still here! New Gulp is here!

Sorry for the lack of reports but things haven’t really changed since the last update. The kingfish are still here in good numbers. A lot of anglers had good success over the weekend. Fishbites on a simple kingfish rig is all you need! Not many people know but kingfish is terrific table fare. There’s also trigger fish on the jetty. We had a nice one weighed-in. We also have small blues up and down eating mullet and bunker. The fluking is OK off the surf but still not where it should be. We got in most of the NEW colors of Gulp if you want to try them out. Sharking in the Surf is OK as well. Still waiting for that to take off but the cownose rays have been putting on show pretty much all day. Crabbing in the bay has gotten much better! Lots of nice size ones showing up.  We’ll update if anything changes! 

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