9/29 Sunday

Basically the same report as Friday but only more Mullet pouring down the beach . There was Small Blues all over again on mullet. We did have a couple good reports of Bass again in the morning. Shell E. Caris sent me some photos of some really nice Bass he caught on Swimmers. There’s bass around you just have to put your time in and throw the proper stuff. Anything that’ll imitate a mullet right now. Danny Swimmers, Polaris Poppers, Tsunami Shads, Kettle Creek Shads, Scabelly Gliders are the heavy hitters right now. There’s a crazy amount of mullet in the area right now. Match the hatch! Sundays weather….. Partly Sunny. High 79. Winds WSW 10mph going NNE 10-20 mph in the afternoon.

Just a heads up! We have our biggest Scabelly delivery of the season coming early next week! Pay attention to our social media pages.. He made some awesome stuff in this order… First Come First Serve!