9/3 Happy September!

September is here! This can be a very fun month especially with the Albies. Currently we have a lot of small to medium size Bluefish and lots of bonito around. The Hogy Epoxy Jig and the Joe Baggs Resin have been your best bet.. The fluking is so-so but the conditions haven’t been the best for them the past few days. The Mullet run should begin any day now and that should increase the activity in the area. If you want to work the beaches at night we are hearing of some small resident bass in the area. There’s also a decent amount of small bass in the back. Cooler nights should get everything going soon.

On Saturday September 14th from 10am-1pm we’ll be having St. Croix Rod Demo Day here at the shop. It’ll be on the park lawn in front of the shop. If you come you’ll be able to throw all the new Surf Rods from St. Croix! No need to sign-up just show up!