Back bay remains good.

Back bay remains good with small bass. Plugs, Gliders, Kettle Creek Shads, and Worms are all producing fish. The big surprise the past couple days has been the reports of Bluefish in the bay. One of our customers came in Thursday night showing us pictures of Bluefish in the 5-6lb range he caught on one of the local docks on bait. Even had a couple customers come in and replace plastics that got bitten in half. Very surprising but every year its different. Water temps are still cold but maybe these guys stuck around and haven’t left?? We’ll see if we hear anything more in the coming days. The wind has been pretty difficult the past couple days . Nothing from the surf yet but it wouldn’t surprise me if we have a few smaller bass out there. If we can keep this semi warm weather around everything should develop nicely. We have plenty of Salted Clams, Blood Worms, and all the frozen bait you need.

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