Big IBSP Black Drum! Blues in the bay..

The Black drum have returned to our area and they’re big! We heard of several in the 20 plus pound range. Good customer Jimmy Betz weighed in two over 24lbs! Both caught on salted clams in the IBSP Surf. This is exactly when we saw them last year. When rigging up for them use a Fishfinder Rig. Same as a bass fish finder rig. Jimmy also reported some bass and blues from the surf using bait. The ocean has calmed and its cleaning up. Should be a great few days ahead condition wise. The back bay is also producing more Bluefish on poppers the past couple days. Some of the blues have been on the larger side.

The doors are officially open at Grumpys! Everything should slowly start returning to normal in the shop (Even though nothing is normal at Grumpys!). The state is requiring everyone (employees & customers) that enter the store to wear face coverings so please make sure you have one before entering. We’re also going the extra mile keeping the shop sanitized and clean. We look forward to seeing everyone.

OPEN 430am-10pm EVERYDAY!