2 Day Grumpy Winter Sale This Weekend!

We’ll be running our 2 day Grumpy Winter Sale this weekend January 25th and 26th. We’ll have more details this week but they’ll be some really good deals to be had. Pay attention to our social media pages for more details as well.

Nothing to report on the beach. We did receive some good orders last week and Monday. We now have all the regular sizes of Frogg Togg Breathable Waders in stock! Sizes 7-13 now available. A lot of people waiting on these. We also received more Tsunami Salt-X 6000’s in Silver and BLACK! The new Black one is down right beautiful. Come check it out.

Don’t forget! Saturday, February 1st is the Grumpys/ Northeast Rod Builders Day here at the shop. It’ll be held from 10am-1pm. This our 5th year doing a custom rod building event here. This event is always well attended. Steve from ODM Rods will be discussing blank design, materials, mandrels, tapers, and how they relate to power and action. He will also show off several of his new blanks for 2020. The rest of the event we will set up tables and have several NERBS covering a variety of topics. $25 to get in. No need to sign-up just show up. Food included! We hope to see everyone here on the 1st!


Slowing down but a few still around…

Not a lot of anglers out Saturday which is expected for this time of the year but we did have a few. Only had one angler come back and report fish so they’re still there. It’s not what we had in December but any stripers in January is a good striper.

We have some details on the Grumpys/ Northeast Rod Builders Day. The event will be at the shop on February 1st and start at 9am. End ??? $25 to get in and that’s with food and snacks included! No need to sign up just show up! Bob and Billy are working on the seminar schedule now so when that’s done I’ll post it. Always a great time. We look forward to seeing everyone. We’ll also have some deal on Rod Building supplies and blanks that day. 


1/8 Wednesday-Still Bass! Winter Events coming up…

Less and less people fishing each day but there’s still bass around! Talked to a few anglers the past few days that had decent action. Some had 8 some had 5 some had 2 but they’re still around. The blackfish bite (Boat) in our local waters has been pretty decent. The guys jigging with S&S Whitechin Wrecker Tog Jigs have been producing good catches and very good size. We have everything you need for Tog Fishing…

The Show Season is upon us. We’ll be doing 3 shows this year. SWABC Bergen County Flea Market, Surf Day, and BSC Flea Market. I also wanted to announce our date for the Grumpys/Northeast Rod Builders Winter Gathering. This years event will be held on February 1st at the shop. It’s a must go to event if you’re into Rod Building. Every year it gets bigger and bigger.. Lots of good people and expertise. When we get a little closer I’ll have more information but write that date down!

1/4 Saturday

Still bass on the beach. We got reports in the morning hours again. Same stuff that worked in December is still producing. AVA’s, Teasers, Tsunami Eels, and Kettle Creek Shads. Water temps are still pretty warm for this time of the year. Mid 40’s but the bass are still feeding. Looks like some rain for Saturday but lighter winds. We’re here 7am-7pm EVERYDAY during the winter. We got in more stuff yesterday. StormR Gear including the very popular Strykr Winter Jackets. We also got in more Scabelly 3.5″ Gliders the other day. Good colors still available!

Now’s the time to drop off those Reel and Rod repairs. Both departments are filling up. We also have some new stuff coming from ODM rods if you want a custom for the Spring Run! Stay tuned on our social media pages.


Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all our great customers! We are open New Years Day. 7am-7pm!

Nothing to report from the beach Tuesday due to the conditions but we did hear of Bass on Monday. When the conditions improve I expect to hear some things again. We’re starting to receive some of our show orders. Got in some of the affordable Tsunami Trophy II Surf rods. Sizes 8′-11′. Retail anywhere from $79.99-$119.99. We also received more of the HOT SaltX 6000 Spinning Reels!

12/29 Sunday– Good fishing!

Good reports from the Surf again. All schoolies ranging from 18-24″. Small Paddletails, Sandeel Teasers, Sandeel plastics, mag darters, and even gliders! Best bite was first light Saturday but we heard of some in the evening as well. We’ll see how long this continues but if the weather stays like this we’ll have fish for maybe the whole month of January. Sundays weather looks nice!

We’re now on our Store Winter Hours! 7am-7pm Everyday!

12/27 Friday– They’re still here!

We hope everyone had a great Christmas!

On the fishing report front we still have Bass in the surf. We had a decent amount of anglers go out Thursday and report really good action again. Metals, Teasers, Tsunami/Bill Hurley eels, Kettle Creek Shads are all producing. This run may go well into January. We are now on our Winter Hours of 7am-7pm Everyday! If you got some Christmas cash to burn we have everything you need. Even though it’s Winter we are still getting orders pretty much daily. We’ll update the Fishing Report page a few times a week now that it’s winter. We also have some events coming up this winter that we’ll post about in future reports. We hope everyone has a great new year. We’re here for you if you need anything! Pay attention to our Social Media throughout the winter on updates, sales, and events.

Open 7am-7pm ALL WINTER!

12/24 Open Christmas Eve!

For Christmas shoppers! We’ll be open 430am- 2pm Christmas Eve and be closed Christmas Day. We’ll be switching to our winter hours (7am-7pm everyday) on December 26th. We hope everyone has a great Christmas. We got lots of stuff in the past few days if you need a last second gift. We also do Gift Cards! Never expire and you can do any amount!

Still some fish around but the attendance has dropped off significantly so reports are going to be hard to get going forward. Well let you guys know if we hear anything going forward.

12/21 Saturday

Less people out Friday but we still heard of some bass. Not as many as the past few days but they’re still hanging around. The whole weekend looks fantastic if you want to give it a last try. Lights winds and sun both days.

For Christmas shoppers! Our hours of operation will remain 430am-10pm through December 23th! We’ll be open 430am- 2pm Christmas Eve and be closed Christmas Day. We’ll be switching to our winter hours (7am-7pm everyday) on December 26th till April.

12/19 Thursday–Great fishing again.

The fishing remains very good in the area right now. Jim Mathis sent us a pic of a beautiful 32″ Bass he caught down in the park. The Bass are mostly all schoolie size but we are hearing of some keeper size fish here and there. Dress warm and break out a lighter rod. Colder weather ahead but Westerly winds for the next 4 days.