11/4 Monday

Quieter day Sunday. After Saturday night we expected better. Did hear of some fish first thing in the morning on metals and teasers but it wasn’t great. The back bay is really getting good. Think these are the fish we’ll have outside soon. Water temps are getting into prime range now. I expect better reports this week. Cooler temps should get these guys moving. Monday weather…. Mostly cloudy skies early will become partly cloudy later in the day. High 56F. Winds light and variable. We have plenty of Fresh Bunker, Salted Clams, and Mullet. Open 430am-10pm Everyday!

11/3 Sunday– Good reports in the dark!

On Saturday the conditions were beautiful but the fishing during the day was very slow then it got dark and the reports started flying in. Good action on artificials with solid Bass. Most of the fish were in the 20-27″ range but we had some nice keeper size fish reported. SP Minnows, Midways, Joe Baggs Swarters, and even SuperStrike Needlefish were getting attention! Been a while since we’ve heard needlefish working. If you’re fishing during the day fish AVA’s, AOK’s, or Deadly Dicks. Make sure you have a Sandeel teaser above. Most of the reports came from the Seaside Surf but we heard action from Point to IBSP. We can definitely say it was the best reports we’ve gotten so far this fall. Seems there’s a body of fish moving in. Lets hope it only gets better! Sunday is looking good. WNW Winds! We have plenty of Fresh Bunker, Clams, Mullet, and Green Crabs!

11/2 Saturday

We got some reports in the AM Friday. There was a big fish caught in IBSP Friday that made the internet rounds. Local fisherman Shell E. Caris was driving the beach Friday morning when he saw a guy fighting a large fish. He stopped and witnessed a guy landing a 50″ Bass on a Salted Clam! Photo is on our social media pages. We did hear of bass throughout the day on bait. Most under keeper size. There was some bunker around too. The West Wind has flattened the ocean out and Saturday is looking very nice. We have Fresh Bunker, Salted Clams, Mullet, and Green crabs in stock.

11/1 Happy November!

November is here! Time to put your time in. We actually got some decent reports Thursday morning. As the day went on the conditions deteriorated. Didn’t hear anything in the evening. The reports we got in the morning were all on metal and teasers. Match the hatch! There’s some Sandeels around so fish anything that will imitate that. The Bill Hurley and Tsunami Eels are also good choices if you want to fish plastics. The conditions will be improving Friday and the weekend looks awesome. Westerly Winds look to return! We got loaded up on Fresh Bunker Thursday and we have plenty of Salted Clams, Mullet, and Green Crabs.

We got in a big Box Of SuperStrike Lures Thursday so we’re loaded back up.

OPEN 430am-10pm EVERYDAY!

10/30 Wednesday– Decent Reports..

Crummy weather but we got some real decent reports in the evening. Store regular George Miller had a beautiful Fat Keeper size Bass on a Scabelly Glider Tuesday. He also reported 2 other bass. We also heard of several other nicer size fish on Metal/ Teaser combo and SP Minnows. Steve Mederios sent us a photo of a 26″ Bass he caught on a metal. He also reported snagging some Sandeels in the Seaside Surf. Didn’t expect to hear much Tuesday so this was a welcome surprise! Conditions were pretty nice Tuesday. Few area had some dirty water but overall it wasn’t bad. Conditions look pretty decent for Wednesday. We got in a cooler full of Fresh Bunker if you want to soak a chunk.

More Fall Orders! 20 boxes of Grumpy Clothing arrived for the Fall! Hoodies, Zip-Hoodies, T-shirts, and Long Sleeve Shirts were all in the order. Some awesome designs!

10/29 Tuesday

Not a ton of anglers out Monday but we did hear some things in the morning before sunrise on plugs and teasers (SP’s, Midways, Bombers). We also heard of a few on Clams. All smaller bass but they’re pretty fat in size.. Nothing to report on the bluefish YET. The beach structure in IBSP looks good going into November. Looks like we got some weather coming in for the next few days. Easterly Winds on tap for Tuesday. We’ll update our social media pages if we hear anything.

We in boxes and boxes of Grumpy Tackle Apparel for the upcoming fall season. Everything will be on the racks Tuesday. T-Shirts, Long Sleeve Shirts, Hoodies, and Zip-Hoodies! Some awesome designs too! We also got in 4 boxes of Bill Hurley Sandeel Plastics. There’s not a hotter plastic on the market when the Sandeels move in.

10/28 Monday

Nothing to report on Sunday. Weather was crummy most of the day and got pretty darn nice in the evening. Sent guys out just no info. The good news is the ocean looks pretty good. Didn’t get really dirty so Monday should be a good day. November is on the way!

10/27 Sunday

Same reports as Friday. We had more bass reported in the dark. During the day it was on the slow side. We continue to hear about some nice bass in the bay locally on small poppers and swimmers. Store regular Steve Mederios was fishing the bay head surf and was snagging sandeels Saturday evening so there is some sandeels moving in. All the bass being reported were like little footballs so they’re feeding good. We got some weather coming in Sunday but maybe it’ll turn these guys on?? Open normal hours.. 430am-10pm!

10/26 Saturday– Better Reports..

We had some much better reports come in Friday night in the dark. They did have fish throughout the day though. The fishing still isn’t great but we did talk to a decent amount of anglers that had several fish some close to keeper size. There’s a decent amount of bait around and it’s starting to turn these fish on. The bass were caught on an assortment of stuff. Bait, Bucktails, Metals, Teasers, Plugs, and Shads. We had a nice fish 8.50LB Bass hit the scale by Justin Hanna. The fish was caught in the Seaside Park Surf on a Clam. Back bay is also giving up some decent bass. Saturday should be a very nice day weather-wise. We have plenty of everything! Loaded up on bait. Open 430am-10pm!

10/25 Friday– Lots of Bunker in the area..

Amazing amount of Bunker in the area Thursday and they were pretty darn close to the beach. Make sure you have snags in your bag. These bigger Bass they’ve been getting on the boats have been feeding on bunker so its a welcome sight to see them close to the beach. In the morning hours we did hear of some bass on metal and teasers. In the evening it was very quiet. Weather looks good for Friday. We’re loaded up on bait for the weekend.