Wednesday 8/22

Good fluking along the beach Tuesday. Talked to several anglers that did very well just walking the beach and throwing Gulp and Bucktails. Problem was not many keepers but we did weigh-in a beautiful 23″ 4.85 LB Fluke caught by Tom Spiller. Photo is in the weigh-in section above. Did hear of some small blues on epoxy jigs and metal. Few guys did good on bait. Bonito were just out of casting distance.

Tuesday 8/21

About the same report. Cocktail Bluefish reported up and down. Both bait and metal are working. There’s also some bonito and mackerel mixed in with them. Fluking was ok Monday nothing special. Finally hearing of some good blowfish in the bay and that should only continue. Crabbing in the bay is good but lots of small ones.
We got some orders Monday. Monster order of the HOGY Epoxy Jigs (Hottest lure on the beach right now), Tsunami Slow-pitch and Slimwave jigging fluke rods, St Croix Surf and Boat rods including the NEW Mojo Yak rods, and more Gulp! Orders are arriving daily and more is expected this week. Open 430am-10pm EVERYDAY!

Another good day 8/18

Another good day along the beach Friday. Small blues were up and down chasing small bait most of the day. Bonito and Spanish Mackerel were also caught. Small metal is the ticket but we had a few guys report good action with the blues using bait. It was hard getting to the fluke with all the small blues. We have everything you need! Open 430am-10pm EVERYDAY!

Amazing life in the area! 8/17

Wow! Someone tell the fish its August! The life in the area Thursday was insane. Bass (Some keeper size!), small Blues, Bonito, Spanish Mackerel, and even regular mackerel were seen feeding up and down the local beaches Thursday. Birds diving and small bait spraying most of the day! Rainfish is the bait they’re feeding on so match the hatch with small metal. Is it odd to have this? No but we haven’t had this in a long time in august so break out the smaller rods and go have some fun. There was fluke reported as well but the smaller blues were so thick in certain spots that you couldn’t get to the fluke. Weather looks good going forward. We have plenty of bait in stock! Open Early-Close LATE!!!

Thursday 8/16

Lots of small bluefish reported once again and they’re getting them on a little of everything. Small metal, Mullet, and Bunker were all producing. Break out a lighter rod if you’re using artificials. They’re in the 1-3 LB range but are a lot of fun! We got some fluke reports off the beach. Shell E. weighed in a beautiful shore caught Fluke going almost 6 LBS! There’s a good amount of life in the area. There was some Bonito and Spanish Mackerel just out of casting distance as well. We’re open 430am-10pm EVERYDAY!

Wednesday 8/15

Lots of life again up and down the local beaches. Small bait (rainfish and snappers) were all over and there was some cocktail blues in them. Few anglers got some small bass in the early morning hours on metal and teasers. Few reports of Spanish mackerel and even a few bonito just out of casting distance on the northern beaches. The fluking remains good. Lots of small ones but a decent amount of 2-3 lb fish have been reported daily with a few even bigger. Nothing to report on the sharks but the rays are still in the area.

Monday 8/13

Amazing amount of small bait in the area. Rainfish and small snappers were all over the place and the small bass and cocktail blues were in them. Pretty cool to see! Small metal has been working well with the small blues and anglers using small pieces of bunker and mullet have been catching a few as well. Had small bass reported on Bucktails in the morning. The fluking was good again Sunday. Pretty much the same report. Open 430am-10pm EVERYDAY!

Sunday 8/12

Same report. Hearing more and more reports of small blues in the 1-3 lb range chasing small bait in the wash. Fluking remains good. Yes Gulp is all you need. Leave the spearing and squid at home. Make sure you have a Gulp teaser rig for your Bucktail. If you need them we have them for both the Surf and Boat. We’re also loaded on every popular Gulp. The 4″ Swimming mullet remains the most popular but I have a few anglers using the 5″ Swimming Mullet and the 6″ Grubs and they’re having better results with keeper size fish. You’ll catch less but you’ll catch bigger. Crabbing in the bay is good but lots of small ones. Snappers fishing is good. Nothing to report on the Shark Saturday. Open 430am-10pm EVERYDAY!!!

TGIF! 8/10

August is already flying by and soon as you know it the mullet run will begin. We have a good amount of bait out front right now. Small snappers, Rainfish, and Sandeels. Soon we’ll be hearing of ablies but for right now it’s Fluke, Cocktail Blues, Rays, and Sharks. Fluking was pretty good again Thursday. Lots of small fish but good action. Heard of one big Brown shark caught at sunset and the rays are still in the area. Open 430am-10pm EVERYDAY!!!

Thursday 8/9

More life in the area Wednesday. We heard of some cocktail size blues in the 1-3 lb range chasing small bait in the suds. Anglers throwing small metal were doing pretty well in the evening hours. We also have a ton of snappers along the beach. Fluking is still good. Remember you don’t have to cast far! A lot of these fluke are at your feet. Even got a few reports of small bass. Guys were catching them targeting fluke. Couple brown sharks and Rays caught in the dark. Nice day is on tap for Thursday!