11/18 Sunday

Report hasn’t  changed much.. Small bass were reported pretty much throughout the day but first light or right before dark remains your best bet. Few of our employees got into them in the morning. Metal and teasers or the Bill Hurley Eels were the most productive lures. Didn’t hear of any keeper size fish but a few 27″ bass were reported. Most of the bass are in that 20-25″ range. There was some bird life feeding on sandeels in a few different areas but the water clarity was still pretty brown. Should see much better conditions for Sunday. Weather looks great. We got some beautiful Fresh Clams right before closing so we’ll have plenty for Sunday. Open 430am-10pm!

11/17 Saturday

The surf was extremely rough most of the day Friday but the conditions are improving as we speak. Actually got some encouraging reports in the evening. Few of our regulars got into a few bass right before dark on metals and teasers. Heard of some crazy bird life in a few different areas and they were not far out. Weekend weather looks great. We’ll update if we hear anything Saturday.. Don’t forget Tog Season is now fully open. 5 fish per person at 15″ or bigger. We have plenty of Live Green Crabs! We also have Fresh Bunker  and we’re expecting a delivery of Fresh Clams Saturday evening.

11/16 Friday

Good reports in the morning hours once again. Conditions deteriorated as the day went out but if you got out in the morning before the wind you caught and some caught a good amount. The bass were all shorts but they were the fun size. All short and fat. Metal and teasers or Bucktails all caught fish.

Friday afternoon we’re expecting a wind shift from heavy NE to hard WEST. Some crazy weather we’ve been experiencing  the past couple months. I know a good chunk of the state saw snow Thursday but it was a all rain event here. Weather for the weekend looks awesome. WEST winds will continue all the way through Sunday.

Thursdays orders– Bill Hurley Eels (Hands down the best plastic to imitate the sand eels in the area. We added in a bunch!). We also got in S&S Bucktails including all the HOT Rock Hopper Pro’s.

11/15 Thursday

We had some better reports come in Wednesday. Like the past couple days some are catching and some are not. These fish we have in our area are feeding on sandeels. Are the sandeel thick yet? No but there’s some in the area. Had one of our regulars snag a couple in the Seaside Park surf Wednesday. The most productive lures have been metals(Avas, AOK’s, Deadly Dicks) with a teaser above.  That large body of Bass and Sandeels that was off LI has slowly slid into Long Branch. The boat guys did very well Wednesday up there. The bass are ranging from shorts to 30lbs and are HEAVILY feeding on larger Sandeels. We have a system coming in Thursday with NE winds. Dress warm if you come down and fish metal. We’ll update if we hear anything. Weekend weather looks very good right now.

Wednesdays Orders– Tica Rods, Porta Rod Racks, Shimano Saragosa Reels, Van Staal X-Series 200’s in Black and Silver. Open 430am-10pm!

11/14 Wednesday

Similar to yesterdays report. Some guys caught and some didn’t. Metal and teasers were the way to go again. Everything we heard was on the small side. Weather looks better for Wednesday.

Lots of orders came in  Tuesday—Scabelly Gliders (95% of the order is already gone!), Megashads, Daiwa Saltiga Star Drag Reels, ODM Bags and Belts, Proline Breathable Waders, and Backlash Sportfishing Surf Rigs.


11/13 Tuesday

Ocean was like a lake Monday. Hardly any wind.. Decent amount of bass reported in the evening Monday. All in the dark.. Few guys had good catches. Mostly shorts but it was fun if you were able to get into them. Metals and Kettle Creek paddle tails were the way to go. The boat guys had some really good action again Monday and the bass have been on the large side out there. Looks like some rain in the morning Tuesday but gradually clearing up. We have plenty of Fresh Bunker and Fresh Clams.

Mondays orders– Guy Cotton gear including more Surf Tops and Super Strike lures!

11/11 Sunday– Happy Veterans Day!

Happy VETERANS DAY! For this Sunday 11/11/18… We want to shake your hand and thank you for your service! Just tell us that you are a vet (or active duty military) and treat yourself to a FREE dozen Clams or two Fresh Bunker! It’s our way of saying THANK YOU! Get out and fish!

Fishing Report— We sent out a ton of anglers Saturday. The conditions were good for the most part. Winds were heavy out of the WEST. Water was a little dirty in certain spots but the ocean laid down very nicely. The fishing was hit or miss. Some anglers did very well and some just couldn’t put it together. We heard of action on a little bit of everything Saturday. Bait, metals, needlefish, SP’s but the most productive lure on Saturday was the White 5″ Kettle creek Shads. Guys were using them on 1/2oz to 3/4oz jig heads. Very slow retrieve. One of our regulars had over 10 fish on them during daylight hours. A lot of these fish are real close to the beach so don’t pull the lure out to soon. Local fishing legend Nick Honachefsky had his fishing fiesta on the beach Saturday and over 6 Bass up to 30″ on Bunker Chunks and Shads. The weather for Sunday looks fantastic! Sunny. High’s near 50. WEST winds 10-15mph.

We have plenty of Fresh Clams and Fresh Bunker in Stock. Open 430am-10pm EVERYDAY! Don’t forget our special for the VETS! Happy Veterans day!!

11/10 Saturday

We had a nice IBSP Bass weighed-in by Chris Flood. Fish was 36″ Long and weighed 15.75 LBS. He caught the fish on a bunker chunk off the surf. We also had other Bass reported throughout the morning hours. Heard of couple bigger bass on bait. As the day went on the weather got worse so we didn’t hear much in the afternoon/evening hours. Winds are going to go WEST Saturday morning and that should lay down the ocean. Weekend weather looks great. We have plenty of Fresh Bunker and Fresh Clams in the shell!

11/9 Friday

Most of our reports came in the evening hours. Some anglers caught and some got the skunk. We had more fish reported on bait Thursday. Did have a few of our regulars catch on artificials especially in the dark. SP’s, Super Strike Needlefish, Tsunami and Bill Hurley Eels have been the most productive lures to use the past few days. Very slow retrieve and make sure you use a teaser rig. Want to send out a Congratulations to Store Regular Chris Karvelas on a life time Bass (Shore caught) he caught a couple days ago. Fish tipped the Boga at 54 LBS and was RELEASED! He puts in a lot of time and couldn’t of happened to a better guy. WELL DESERVED!!

Looks like we got some weather coming in Friday. Looks like it’s not going to be as bad as they were expecting. Winds will be NE. Weekend looks great. We’ll update if we hear anything. We got in over 600 lbs of FRESH Bunker Thursday and we also got in mess of some beautiful FRESH Clams in the shell. Open 430am-10pm EVERYDAY!

11/8 Thursday–Nice bass reported

We had some nice bass reported Wednesday. One hit the scale by Alan Kunze that was 29″ 9.50lbs. That fish took a metal in the surf. Our good customer Geno released a beautiful 38″ 20lb Class fish that took a bunker chunk in the IBSP surf. Shell E. Caris from Shore Catch Guide Service took out some clients in IBSP and released 10 bass on paddle tails. There’s some fish around! Not everyone is catching but a few are doing well. Heard of more sandeels again in the wash which is great news.

Another good day ahead weather wise for Thursday. We have a system coming in Friday and then the weekend weather looks great. Open 430am-10pm EVERYDAY!!