6/13 Wednesday

Improved fishing Tuesday. Nothing crazy but a nice steady pick of Bluefish and a few Bass. One of our regulars caught a 36″ Bass on bait that he released. Heard of several “just keeper size” bass reported as well. Heard of decent bluefish action down in the park in the evening hours on Bunker chunks. Not a ton of guys out but the guys that fished caught a few. Wednesday weather…Overcast. A stray shower or thunderstorm is possible. High around 80F. Winds S at 10 to 15 mph.

6/12 Tuesday

Didn’t hear much Monday. Conditions were not the greatest especially in the morning hours. Sent a decent amount of guys out in the evening but all I heard of was a few small bass and blues on bait. We’ll see if the conditions improve Tuesday! Tuesdays weather….Mostly sunny skies. High 71F. Winds SE at 10 to 15 mph.

6/10 Sunday

Slower day overall. We had one nice bass weighed in and one bluefish. Heard of a few others caught. Fluking wasn’t bad though. Hearing of a decent pick in the wash. The encouraging news is the Shark life that’s appearing in the evening hours. Few small sand tigers have been caught and couple mystery run-offs at night. It’s still early but it’s nice to see them. Lets hope it’s a sign of things to come! Crabbing is picking up. Few of the locals have reported some nice catches. Not enough to fill a bushel but enough for dinner! We have Fresh Clams and Fresh Bunker in stock!

6/9 Saturday

We had couple really nice bass hit the scale Friday. Both in the 20 lb range. The anglers fishing bait are doing a lot better than the guys fishing artificials. Had one of my evening customers report another big Black Drum he caught and released in the IBSP surf. Fluking is really picking up. Guys walking the beach are doing well with keeper size fish. We also had some medium to large size Bluefish reported in both the surf and bay. Heard some interesting things Friday about some Sharks in the surf. One of my regulars said he saw an absolute monster right in the wash. Not sure what specie but it may be time to break out the big rods and shark rigs. Did have one of my customers catch and release a baby Sand Tiger Friday. Weather looks good again Saturday. Intervals of clouds and sunshine. A stray shower or thunderstorm is possible. High 77F. Winds E at 5 to 10 mph. We have plenty of FRESH BUNKER and we picked up a MESS of FRESH CLAMS.
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6/8 Friday– Little bit of everything!

Little bit of everything off the surf right now. We had Bass, Black Drum, and Fluke weighed-in Thursday. Fresh Bait is still dominating our weigh-in board. Both Fresh Clams and Fresh Bunker are producing Bass. If you’re going to target the Black Drum use Clams. Fluking along the surf is picking up nicely. Bucktails and Gulp is the way to go there. Starting to hear a few things off the local docks when it comes to the Blue Claws. Back bay temps are warming so that should only improve. There’s a variety of fish to target right now. Ocean temps are still in prime range for bass and there’s still more to the south. Weather looks great for Friday! Intervals of clouds and sunshine. High 79F. Winds SW at 10 to 15 mph.

6/7 Thursday– Nice Surf Bass!

We had some nice bass weighed in Wednesday up to over 26 lbs! All the bass were caught off the surf on both Fresh Clams and Fresh Bunker. Seems there’s another body of Bass moving into the area. Bait is the way to go! We got in over 20 bushels of Fresh Clams and we have Fresh Bunker. Heard of few blues and black drum mixed in. Had a nice Fluke weighed in by Lou. He caught the fluke off the surf on Gulp. Heard of a few others caught. Just walk the beach and throw Gulp and Bucktails. There’s a nice variety of fish around right now. Still not hearing much on artificials when it comes to the bass but that can change. For now fish bait! Thursdays weather looks good.
We’re loaded up on Fresh Clams and we have Fresh Bunker with more coming Thursday! Open 430am-10pm EVERYDAY!

6/6 Wednesday – Drum!

Lots of Black Drum in the area. We weighed in 4 big ones with the biggest pushing over 26 lbs. Heard of bunch landed. Most of the Black drum we heard about were by guys just targeting bass with clams. It’s definitely worth targeting them if you want to catch them. They give a heck of a fight and the smaller keepers are a good table fare. We also had one bass hit the scale and heard of others caught on bait. Back bay is still producing lots of medium to large size bluefish and there’s also a few out front. Everything we heard on Tuesday with the bluefish was on Bunker Chunks. Wednesday weather looks nice.. Sunshine and clouds mixed. High 68F. Winds ENE at 10 to 15 mph.
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6/5 Tuesday

Nice bounce back Monday! We didn’t get reports until the early afternoon hours but the fishing definitely bounced back after Sundays windfest. Stripers, Black Drum and some Bluefish were reported. Everything we heard was on either Fresh Bunker or Clams. We had a few hit the scale. You’ll be able to see all the weigh-ins and photos in the NEW Weigh-in section (We’re still fine tuning this area). The conditions were not bad Monday and will only improve Tuesday. Right now we have plenty of Fresh Bunker and Fresh Clams. Expecting more bait Tuesday.
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6/4 Monday

We had horrible conditions Sunday and it only got worse as the day went on. There's fish out here we just need better weather. We'll see if we hear some things Monday. Here's Monday's forecast….AM Clouds/PM Sun. High 73F. Winds N at 10 to 20 mph. Don't forget there's some nice bluefish action in the bay. If the conditions don't look good out front hit the local docks. Been pretty consistent back there on both bait and poppers.

Keystone custom lures dropped off a mess of his Pencils and Swimmers. Super underrated plug builder. We added in some new colors including the JERSEY KILLER color. Been our top seller so far. 

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6/3 Sunday

We're still in the process of transferring everything over to our new web page but we're getting closer! Sorry for no report the past couple days! On the beach yesterday it was just a pick of Bass and Bluefish. Bait was working and few guys got into them on small metal and poppers. In the bay the bluefish are getting more aggressive. Had a few weighed in on poppers. Fluking along the beach is improving. Heard of several keepers and we did have one weighed in. Soon you'll be able to see all the weigh-ins and photos in the weigh-in section!

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