Come on mother nature!

Mother Nature hasn’t been very kind to us so far this month! Some nasty weather tonight and tomorrow. We’ll be open as always if anyone wants to stop in.

Yesterday was the BSC Flea Market. The show was excellent as always. The show season is over and now we can focus on gearing the shop up for the upcoming season.. The fishing in the back has been hit and miss. Few guys are doing well with the small bass on worms and small plugs like the Rapala X-raps and smaller SP Minnows. Hopefully we can break this weather and start to warm these water temps. I was able to talk to our worm guy Sunday. Next Delivery should be mid week. The upcoming storm has screwed everything up for the worm diggers. We’ll update when we get more. We’ll remain on our winter hours until early April. 7am-7pm EVERYDAY!