Friday 7/20

Tons and tons of Cownose Rays cruising the surf Thursday. They were a bit of a nuisance for the Flukers. If you were able to keep a Bucktail on the bottom you caught fluke. I heard of some good action right before dark. More small bass reported in the morning. The report hasn’t changed. Weather looks good Friday. Crabbing in the bay is pretty good and we’re hearing of a good amount of Snappers in the bay. Phil the bait guy loaded us up on SCREAMING Fresh Bunker Thursday night and we got in a load of Jumbo Mackerel for the sharkers! We got a NEW item Thursday! Fluke Bellies by Blue Ribbon. These plastics are designed to look like a Fluke ribbon and the action is fantastic. They come in 3 colors and they’re scented. We also added in his Lip-Glu Scent to add to the ribbons or Bucktails. Already hearing some good stuff about them from the beach guys.
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