Summer fishing in full swing! Crabbing HOT in Bay!

The ocean has warmed up in recent weeks and it sure has brought the summer species. Fluke, Small Blues, Spanish Mackerel, Rays, Sharks, and some Kingfish. Fluke has been the game in town though! All you need is Gulp and bucktails. We have everything you need. I also want to mention on how good the crabbing in the bay is right now. Crazy amount of keepers. Probably the best we’ve heard in years. I personally went out the other day and caught over 130 keepers on handlines! It’s that good! We got loaded up on all crabbing gear Friday. Traps, Lines, Nets, and bait. There’s also some snappers showing in the bay.

Just a important note for our customers… We’ve been working very hard the past month making sure the shop is fully stocked. The availability on items is starting to dry up due to the covid situation but we’re working around the clock to make sure our customers have a large selection of todays hot items. You know how we work!

The state is requiring everyone (employees & customers) that enter the store to wear face coverings so please make sure you have one before entering. We’re also going the extra mile keeping the shop sanitized and clean. We look forward to seeing everyone.

OPEN 430am-10pm EVERYDAY!