Thursday 6/28

Pretty quiet day Wednesday but I did hear a couple interesting things. The cow nose rays are back in the area. Heard of a few caught on bait. That tells me its time to shark. The water temps are getting warmer. I also had one of my regulars tell me that he hooked an absolute monster shark off the surf the night before. He fought the fish for over an hour and had it close to the beach but the leader broke. He wasn’t sure what type of shark it was but interesting nevertheless. We’re loaded up on premium vac-packed jumbo mackerel (Which have been a hit the past few years) and we got another delivery of Fresh Bunker. We also have all the beach shark rigs you need! Nothing to report on the Bass and Blue front. In the back bay the crabbing is pretty decent. Lots of small ones but I’ve had a few people catch dinner this week. Weather isn’t looking the greatest for Thursday but Friday and the whole weekend looks beautiful. Open 430am-10pm EVERYDAY including 4th of July!