Tuesday 4/9 Nice Bay Bass.

We had a nice Bass weighed in by Ryan Stack from the bay Monday. The fish was 10.80 LBS and it hit a soft plastic. We received more reports from the surf. One of our regulars caught and released 3 small bass on kettle creek swing shads. We also had other customers come in and report small bass on bait. Things are definitely starting to pick up. If the weather holds maybe we’ll have a traditional April??

We got in more Scabelly Gliders Monday. There is still some nice ones left. Stop in before they’re all gone! We also got in our 1st delivery of Nomad Lures. The feedback on these lures has been through the roof. Come check them out the next time you’re in. We also got in a tractor trailer full of fill-in items! The shops full and more is coming. We’re keeping Grumpy busy!

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