Wednesday 7/11

Good fluking along the beach Tuesday. We had 2 hit the scale and heard of other keepers caught and a bunch of shorts. There’s a lot of smaller sandeels close to the beach which explains why there’s so many fluke close. They’re also feeding on sand fleas. The Gulp 4″ and 5″ swimming mullets have been the most productive gulp this season so far. Make sure you use a Gulp teaser rig with your Bucktail. We have everything you need! Heard of some sharks Tuesday night and a bunch of big Rays. Like I said before getting the baits out far is key! We got loaded back up on Shark Rigs. Bob Bott from Backlash Sportfishing Custom Rigs dropped off a mess of his Circle Hook Shark Rigs which have been extremely popular. Bob makes one of the best surf shark rigs on the market. We have a ton! We also got loaded up on Fresh Bunker and Vac-Packed Jumbo Mackerel. Open 430am-10pm EVERYDAY. Longest Hours around!