Saturday 6/30

Weather was a lot nicer on the island compared to the mainland. We did hear some good things Friday. The fluking on the beach remains good. Some nice keepers are right at your feet. One of our customers caught a nice keeper size bass on Grumpy Clams Friday so there’s still some bass around. We have plenty of Fresh Clams and Fresh Bunker. Hearing more and more about sharks now. Especially in the evening hours. Fresh Bunker or Mackerel is the way to go! Make sure you have a shark rig. If you need them we have plenty. Beach summer time sharking has become huge the past few years. Last year didn’t disappoint so lets hope this year is just as good. Remember this is a catch and release fishery. Please release the sharks quickly and keep them in the water. Make sure you watch your rods! A lot of horror stories last year with losing rods. We got a huge shipment of inventory Friday. Tica Rods, Accurate Reels, Diawa BG Spinning reels, Rod Racks for the trucks including the porta rods racks for the bed of your truck, and more misc. stuff. We’re open normal business hours through out the holiday week. 430am-10pm EVERYDAY!!

Friday 6/29

Some nice Fluke were reported and weighed in Thursday. Gerry came in with an IBSP limit up to 4.25 lbs. Everything we heard was on Gulp and Bucktails but make sure you have a gulp teaser above your Bucktail. Sent a few guys out sharking but didn’t hear anything back. I did hear of a few smaller cocktail blues on small metal and bait off the surf. Weather is look fantastic the next few days. Fridays weather…Mostly sunny skies. Hot. High 92F. Winds WNW at 5 to 10 mph.

Thursday 6/28

Pretty quiet day Wednesday but I did hear a couple interesting things. The cow nose rays are back in the area. Heard of a few caught on bait. That tells me its time to shark. The water temps are getting warmer. I also had one of my regulars tell me that he hooked an absolute monster shark off the surf the night before. He fought the fish for over an hour and had it close to the beach but the leader broke. He wasn’t sure what type of shark it was but interesting nevertheless. We’re loaded up on premium vac-packed jumbo mackerel (Which have been a hit the past few years) and we got another delivery of Fresh Bunker. We also have all the beach shark rigs you need! Nothing to report on the Bass and Blue front. In the back bay the crabbing is pretty decent. Lots of small ones but I’ve had a few people catch dinner this week. Weather isn’t looking the greatest for Thursday but Friday and the whole weekend looks beautiful. Open 430am-10pm EVERYDAY including 4th of July!

Wednesday 6/27

Pretty much the same report as yesterday. There’s a few big blues still in the surf. We weighed in one and I did hear of a few others caught on bunker chunks. Some nice fluke were reported as well. Bucktails and Gulp are the way to go. Make sure you have a Gulp teaser above your Bucktail. If you need a gulp teaser rig we have them! Crabbing in the bay is not bad. Had a few guys go out in the evening and report decent catches. Nothing on sharks yet in our area but some decent reports are coming from the southern beaches. It’s gonna be soon! We are loaded up on Beach Shark Rigs. Bob Bott from backlash rigs dropped off 2 boxes of rigs Tuesday! We also got more of the HOT Tsunami Elite Series Shark Rods. It’s a 12′ spinning rod that throws 6-12oz. Designed for BEACH SHARKING!

Tuesday 6/26

Few small blues and fluke reported Monday off the surf. Crabbing in the bay was much better and now the snappers are starting to show up. Surf water temps are starting to get into that range for sharks. It’s gonna be very soon! We have plenty of Mackerel and Fresh Bunker for the toothy critters. We also have plenty of Fresh Clams if you want to target the few bass that are still in the surf. Weather looks good pretty much all week.

Sunday 6/24

Conditions were kind of tough in the morning hours. Sent a decent amount of anglers out in the later afternoon and we finally got some better reports off the surf. Mostly assorted size Blues. They were there and hungry. Had a few guys come back and reload on bait in the late evening hours. Another interesting report we got was the Sandeels. This is the 2nd reliable report of Sandeels in the wash. Should get the fluke going even more. Few guys tried beach sharking but didn’t hear anything from that crowd. Any day now! Conditions are laying down nicely so Sunday should be a good day. We have plenty of Fresh Bunker and Fresh Clams.

Saturday 5/23

Pretty decent fluking along the beach Friday. We had 3 hit the scale. Everything has been on Gulp and Bucktails. Don’t forget you can keep 2 fish at 16″ or greater fishing IBSP shore. There’s still some monster Blues in the bay. Got reports from a few kids that fished the local docks with bunker chunks. Few cocktail blues were reported off the surf as well but the conditions went down hill as we got into the evening hours. We’ll see what happens Saturday. We have plenty of Fresh Bunker and Fresh Clams.

Friday 6/22

We got reports of some small bass on artificials Thursday morning. Nothing crazy but a few were caught. We also have some cocktail blues along the beach eating small artificials and bait. Fluking along the beach was ok Thursday. Water temps are warming fast! Should see some good shark life very soon. Did have a hound fish reported off the surf so that tells you how warm the water is getting. More orders arrived! We got a mess of Accurate reels. We added in the Silver and Blue Valiant’s which are absolutely beautiful. We also got in boxes of Spro Bucktails and more Yo-Zuri products including the NEW Yellow, Blurple, and Chicken Scratch colors! Come check them out. Plenty of FRESH CLAMS and FRESH BUNKER! Open 430am-10pm EVERYDAY!

Thursday 6/21

Not a ton of anglers out. We heard of some decent Fluke fishing along the beach. Kenny Hollins weighed in a nice keeper and also lost a really nice one right in the wash. Walk the beach and throw Bucktails and Gulp. Make sure you put a Gulp Teaser above your Bucktail. Nothing to report on the bass. Did hear a few things on the bluefish especially on bunker chunks. Sharking along the beach should start to pick up with the increasing water temps. Crabbing in the bay is getting better. Some nice keepers were reported on the local docks. We had a few big orders arrive the past couple weeks. Everything from Rods to Reels to custom plugs. To much stuff to list. We’ve expanded inventory the past 3 months and that will continue as we get into the fall months. Open 430am-10pm EVERYDAY!

6/19 Tuesday

We had a BIG Bass hit the scale Monday. Terry Mcquad weighed in a beautiful 42″ 31.10 LB Bass that took a Grumpy Bunker off the surf. There’s still some nice bass in the area. Heard of a few more caught in the morning hours. We also have some Bluefish on the surf eating Bunker chunks. Fluking along the beach is pretty good as well. Crabbing in the bay is OK. Lots of small ones. We have Plenty of Fresh Bunker and Fresh Clams!