Happy August! More Sharks! 8/1

August is here and so are the sharks! We got some decent reports Monday night. Mostly sandbar sharks. Fresh Bunker or mackerel on a beach shark rig is the way to go. We have a few different shark rigs to choose from. We also got another delivery of Bunker Oil. We’ve had anglers marinate their baits in the oil and have very good success. Fluking along the beach is still good. Hearing of some small cocktail blues off the surf the past couple day. Small metal or mullet is your best bet if you want to target them. We also have a bunch of snappers in both the bay and surf. Open 430am-10pm EVERYDAY!

Tuesday 7/31

Summer is flying by! Last day of July and the fishing is pretty much the same. Fluking is good. Lots of shorts with a few keepers mixed in. Hearing of some sharks again along the beach which is good news. Guys fishing the night time hours are catching them again. Fresh Bunker or Mackerel is the bait. Getting the baits out far is key as everyone knows. Cow nose Rays are up and down the beach eating any bait you pretty much throw in. Did hear of some cocktail size blues in the morning hours on small metal and mullet. Weather all week looks very “summerish”. Sunny with chances of thunderstorms. Most never happen! We got in another delivery of Blue Ribbon Fluke Belly Strips. They comes in 3 different colors and have been a hit. I personally used these this past weekend and had great success with fluke up to 25″ on the boat. The action is killer on a Bucktail. Come check them out. We’re completely loaded with everything you need. Open 430am-10pm EVERYDAY!

Saturday 7/28

Report hasn’t change. Fluking remains good along the beach. Crabbing is good in the bay. Hearing of a few Blowfish in the bay and the snappers are all over. Weather is looking good all weekend. Light winds! Open 430am-10pm EVERYDAY!

Friday 7/27

More of the same where it comes to the Fluke. Good fishing! Even had a few anglers tell me they were getting double headers. Lots of shorts but there’s some nice keepers close to the beach. Crabbing in the bay was very good Thursday. Still haven’t heard anything on the sharks but the Rays returned Thursday. We have everything you need! Open 430am to 10pm EVERYDAY!

Thursday 7/26 GOOD FLUKING!

The weather wasn’t the greatest but we had some really good fluke reports come from the surf. It was actually surprising after 4 days of southerly winds but the fluke were there and hungry. Heard of some nice keepers and plenty of shorts. Ken Hollins weighed-in a beautiful 23″ 4.65lber and another one of my customers had a 24″ Fluke in the box he never weighed in. S&S Bucktails and Gulp on a Gulp teaser Rig (We have them) is the ticket! Looks like the weather is only going to get better going forward.. Once this weather breaks we should hear some things with the sharks and rays. We have everything you need and we’re always open. 430am-10pm EVERYDAY!

Tuesday 7/24

Didn’t have a crazy amount of anglers out Monday but I did get some good Fluke reports off the surf which is good news. Actually heard of some good fishing later afternoon with shorts and even some nice keepers. Our long time regular had his limit from down in IBSP. All on Gulp and jigs. Water was still rough and a little dirty but the fluke were there! Thats all we heard from the beach. See what Tuesday brings. Crabbing is still good and the snappers are really starting to show up in the bay and even in the surf. Open 430am-10pm EVERYDAY!!

Sunday 7/22

They had some Fluke on the beach at first light and then the weather went way down hill! Didn’t hear anything else from the surf. I did get some excellent crabbing reports from the local docks. One of my regulars had 3 dozen jumbo’s in the afternoon. Crabbing has picked up over the past few days.

Saturday 7/21

Same report as yesterday! Tons of Rays and small Fluke up and down. Few guys got into some smaller Blues on Mullet. And more small bass reported early morning. Nice to see all the small bass around in July! Looks like we got some weather moving in later Saturday. We’ll see what happens. We got in a pallet worth of Gulp Friday. So much Gulp that our new stock boy was buried in. We’re fully loaded up on everything Gulp and we got in large order from S&S Bucktails. Open 430am-10pm EVERY DAY!

Friday 7/20

Tons and tons of Cownose Rays cruising the surf Thursday. They were a bit of a nuisance for the Flukers. If you were able to keep a Bucktail on the bottom you caught fluke. I heard of some good action right before dark. More small bass reported in the morning. The report hasn’t changed. Weather looks good Friday. Crabbing in the bay is pretty good and we’re hearing of a good amount of Snappers in the bay. Phil the bait guy loaded us up on SCREAMING Fresh Bunker Thursday night and we got in a load of Jumbo Mackerel for the sharkers! We got a NEW item Thursday! Fluke Bellies by Blue Ribbon. These plastics are designed to look like a Fluke ribbon and the action is fantastic. They come in 3 colors and they’re scented. We also added in his Lip-Glu Scent to add to the ribbons or Bucktails. Already hearing some good stuff about them from the beach guys.
Open 430am-10pm EVERYDAY!

Good Fluking! 7/19

The good fluke action along the beach continues.. Mostly shorts but there’s some nice keepers in the mix. All you need is GULP! Every fluke that has hit our scale this season has been on Gulp. Lots of Rays up and down again. Few small bass reported in the morning. Nothing to report on the sharks but that should change soon.
We got a nice surprise delivery from CCW custom plugs (Couch Cedar Works) yesterday! These swimmers are one of the best on the market. Some insane colors to choose from. We got his Canal Swimmers, Jetty Swimmers, Small Danny’s, and his Cigar Danny’s. Open 430am-10pm EVERYDAY!