Thursday 11/1

Happy November! Depending on who you talked to some guys caught good and some didn’t. We actually got some really good reports in the dark again. Nice night bite the past couple days. Everything has been on plugs or shads. If you want to try bait we got in more Fresh Clams and Screaming Fresh Bunker. Did hear of a few bass on bait as well. Back bay is really heating up again. Lots of small to keeper size bass back there on shads and small plugs. On the boats the bass fishing really picked up especially up north near Asbury. Big Bass in the bunker schools up there. The bass are migrating south! Lets hope they stick closer to the beach this fall.

Wednesdays orders– Yo-Zuri lures, Tica Rods including the HOT 9′ plugging rod (under $90!), Gear up bags and leader bags.

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10/31 Wednesday– NICE Surf Bass!

Our good customer Tim Peters came in Tuesday night with a Beautiful 36″ 14.70 LB Bass that took a Scabelly Glider off the IBSP Surf (Pic is in weigh-in section). . We also heard of schoolies up and down the local beaches and a few other keepers that were released. Plugs, shads, and bucktails were the lures of choice and we also heard of several bass on bait if you want to dead stick a rod. One of our night time regulars was fishing bait in the dark and had a couple nice bass. We got in FRESH CLAMS Tuesday night..

The fishing has definitely gotten better since the storm. It isn’t great yet but I think we’re on the right track. Time to put your time in!

More orders came in Tuesday. Open 430am-10pm EVERYDAY!!

10/30 Tuesday– Better reports!

Probably the most reports we’ve have gotten so far this fall and there wasn’t a ton of anglers out. Everything we heard was Bass. Shorts to keeper size fish. Bucktails and shads like the kettle creek swing shads were working well. Had a few guys in the evening released 3 bass on bunker chunks. Not everyone caught but some did really well. Most of the reports came from the local beaches from Seaside to IBSP. Our good customer John John had 3 bass to 31″ locally off the surf. All released! Another good customer Sal T. went out and landed a nice 26″ Fat Bass on a shad. (All the pics are in the weigh-in section).

Safe to say things have picked up after the weekend nor’easter. Weather looks good for Tuesday.. We have plenty of Fresh Bunker. Expecting a Fresh Clam delivery Tuesday evening.

10/29 Monday

Conditions were tough in the morning hours Sunday but gradually improved as the day went on. We did get some reports of both Bass and Blues later in the morning on both Fresh Bunker and metal. Ocean temps are getting into prime range now. Before this blow there was a nice body of some bigger bass to the north of us. I expect to hear some things this week. Weather looks great for Monday..

10/27 Saturday

Here’s the run down.. We heard of some bass first light Friday but reports were slim after the morning hours. Hearing of a big body of Bass towards long island migrating south. Lots of bait still in the area. It’s just a matter of time… Conditions are deteriorating as we speak. Saturday doesn’t look good but winds will switch more westerly come Sunday. After this storm things could get interesting. IBSP released this statement… Mobile Sport Fishing Vehicle Access will be closed through Saturday, October 27th. Conditions will be reevaluated Sunday, October 28th. You can drive in and park but you can not drive on the beach. We’ll update when it re-opens!

Friday orders– More Penn Spinfisher VI and Conflict II Reels (NEW) arrived Friday. We also got in more Scabelly custom gliders! These things are a work of art! If you’re interested in them stop in Saturday because they’re already flying off the shelf. The don’t last long.. We currently have 3.5″, 5″, and 6″. We had tons of orders come in the week as we get ready for November. If the ocean is to rough Saturday and you’re bored come check out the shop. We have everything you need and more! Open 430am-10pm EVERYDAY!!!!

10/26 Friday– Albies again!

Lots of Albacore chasing small bait up and down again. The Rainfish were all over. No bass reported during the day but we heard some things at night again. Almost everything being reported right now has been on artificials. Haven’t heard much on bait. If you’re targeting the Albacore use small metal such as the Deadly Dicks or Hogy Epoxy Jigs. When it comes to the bass use plugs! SP Minnows, Bombers, or the Shimano Cold Snipers. Everyone we’ve talked to this week that caught bass told us it’s on a very SLOW retrieve! If you think you’re going slow go slower! We got some crazy reports of a BIG body of Bass off LI Thursday. The migration is starting. Fridays weather looks awesome. We have a system coming in Saturday but the winds will switch westerly again Sunday and continue from there. I said it yesterday but maybe this storm will get this thing going. We’ll be open 430am-10pm all weekend..

10/25 Thursday–Albies!

The False Albacore made a good appearance in our local waters Wednesday. It requires a lot of chasing but we heard of a decent amount of them caught from the Ortley to IBSP area. Small metal with a teaser was productive. We also heard of a handful of bass in the dark once again. Small plugs worked very slowly at night is the key. The small blues are still around chasing small bait. The next 2 days look great. Looks like we have a system moving in for Saturday. Maybe this is what we need to get this thing going??

Wednesday Orders– Van Staal Reels and Power Knobs, Anglers Mate Truck Rod Racks, Star Rods, Shimano Stradic and Saragosa Reels, and a bunch of boxes we have yet to open! Everything will be on the floor Thursday. Open 430am-10pm EVERYDAY!

10/24 Wednesday–More bass reported.

Bass were reported again especially in the dark. I talked to an angler as I was closing the shop and he told me he had 3 bass in the seaside park area. One was a keeper that was released. There’s definitely some bass in the suds just have to work for them. The blues are still around chasing small bait. Weather looks great for the next 3 days.

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10/23 Tuesday

Not a ton of anglers out Monday but we did hear of some Bass right before sun up. The blues and bonito were reported during the day. Heard of some Albies just out of casting distance in a few areas. Lots of bait still in the area. Weather looks great for the week. We got in a cooler full of beautiful Fresh Bunker right before closing.

More Orders arrived Monday. ODM dropped off a mess of rods including the top selling DNA Surf Rods. We also got a box of Accurate reels with the NEW Tern Star Drag’s. Need waders for the Fall? We just got more Frog Togg Rana II waders priced under $70! Open 430am-10pm Everyday!

10/21 Sunday–Fall Weather!

Lots of bait once again. Heard of a couple nice keeper bass to the north of us. We had a couple blues weighed-in up to 6.3lbs on poppers off the surf. Had one customer tell me he had a couple short bass on clams and a couple other hits he missed. Everything is pretty much the same. Is the fishing great? No not yet but the stage is set with all the bait. Even hearing of some peanut bunker now! The anglers putting in their time especially at dusk and dawn are catching a few fish. We also have some albies in the area but it requires a lot of chasing! Few guys got lucky. Ocean temps dropped again. 60.3 degrees in our local waters according to NOAA. Fall weather expected Sunday. Temps in the low 50’s and more WEST Winds!