12/1 Saturday

Happy December! The good fishing continues. Basically a carbon copy of yesterdays report. Lots of small fish with a few very nice size keepers mixed in. Metals are working the best but we also had guys do really well on plastics.. Even had a few of our bait guys report fish on bunker chunks. Weather looks great for Saturday. We got in a mess of Fresh Bunker and we have plenty of Salted Clams. Open 430am-10pm EVERYDAY!

11/30 Friday–Good Fishing Continues!

The best day so far. Some really good fishing right now on the local beaches. Tons of small bass but we heard of more keepers Thursday compared to the last few days. These fish are gorging on sandeels so use anything to imitate that. This body of fish is pretty large and spread out. We’ve had reports come  from Monmouth beach to IBSP. If you’ve been waiting for the big push of bass now is the time! Who knows how long it will last but they’re here now. Weather looks good for the next couple days! 

We had our big dealer show in AC Thursday. We’ll be adding more products in the coming months! Guess I’ll be rearranging the racks this winter to make more room! 



11/29 Thursday–Good fishing!

Good fishing Wednesday. There’s  a lot of small  bass in the area with a few keeper size fish around.. One of our regulars had a couple right around 30″ that he released. Most of the bass are in that 18″-25″ range. Still gorging on sandeels and are very fat. Metals such as AVA’s, Deadly Dicks, AOK’s, Tsunami Metals are all working just make sure you use a teaser above. We also had guys do well on Bill Hurley Eels and Tsunami Eels again. The real encouraging thing is we heard of bass up and down. No hot spot. Even Monmouth county is producing. Weather looks good for the next few days. More NW winds for Thursday.

Wednesdays orders (ALOT!)– Super Strike Lures including the NEW Eely Colors, Tsunami Eels, Shimano reels including Twin Power Spinning reels and the NEW Tranx 200’s, Rod Geek Rod Blanks (NEW COLORS), Anchorman Wreck Anchors, and St. Croix Legend Surf Rods. We’re your shop for Holiday Season! We’ll be open normal business hours all the way till Christmas! 430am-10pm!

Pay attention to our social media pages in the coming days! We’ll have some news on a Charity Fundraiser we’ll be running at the shop in a couple weeks.

11/28 Wednesday

Didn’t send a ton of anglers out Tuesday. The fishing wasn’t as good as the day before but there was some bass caught. Some guys are doing better than others. Water was dirty from the day before blow but we already got reports before sundown of it cleaning up. Keep fishing those teaser rigs with AVAS, T-hexs or deadly dicks. That’s your best bet! We did get a couple reports of some bass on bunker as well.

11/27 Tuesday–Best day of the Fall Season

Easily the best day of the fall season Monday. Most of the reports came from the Seaside Park to IBSP area. Metal with a teaser was really all you needed but we had customers catch on Plastic eels such as the Bill Hurley’s and Tsunami Eels. Even had a few guys do well on SP’s. Most of the bass are on the short side but we did hear of some nice keepers caught. Looks like WEST winds all week which is great. We’ll see happens Tuesday. Hopefully these fish stick in the area. Even hearing of more fish to the north.. Open 430am-10pm EVERYDAY!

11/26 Monday

Sorry for the late report. We’re already getting reports this morning. Conditions are great. Water has cleaned up nicely pretty much back to normal. Metal and teasers still the way to go. If you want to throw bait we have plenty of clams and bunker. Open till 10pm.

11/25 Sunday– Much better!

Much better fishing Saturday. We had bass reports come in from all different areas both shorts and keepers. Lots of bait in the area! We also got reports of small blues again. No Hot Spot just put your time in and work the beaches. We had a nice bass weighed-in on Bunker. Seems bait is working but artificials are getting the most attention right now with all the small bait in the area. Sundays weather looks good.

We have plenty of Fresh Bait! 

11/24 Saturday

We had small bass and a few keepers reported throughout the day. Spotty but a few got into them good. Lots of bait in the area as you can tell with all the birdlife close to the beach. Saturdays weather looks pretty good. Much warmer.. We got in a mess of Fresh Bunker and we have plenty of Fresh Surf Clams.

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11/22 Happy Thanksgiving!

From all of us at Grumpys Tackle we want to wish our customers a Happy Thanksgiving! We’ll be open extra early for you on turkey day. Our hours will be 3am-2pm Thursday and normal hours Friday and weekend.

Good reports once again. We did hear of some better size Bass too. Still need to move and find them but once you do you’ll catch well. Metal and teasers still the way to go. Conditions look great for the next few days but it will be cold so dress warm! Like I said yesterday I think the fishing will only get better as we get into December. We have plenty of Fresh Surf Clams and Fresh Bunker.

This Black Friday and Small Business Saturday (11/23-11/24)

-Buy one get one on all Grumpy Apparel! Sweatshirts, T-shirts, Long Sleeve Shirts, Tank Tops, Hats, and Winter Hats! (Equal or Lesser Value)

-For every $50 spent on a Grumpy Gift card get one FREE Daiwa SP Minnow ($9.99 Value)

Plus instore specials on Rods and Reels!


11/21 Wednesday– Nice IBSP Bass

We had a nice 37″ 16.80 Bass hit the scale by Alex Gelpke. The fish was caught in the IBSP Surf on a Grumpy Bunker! Congrats Alex! We had Bass reported all day long and it was on a little bit of everything. Both bait and artificials produced.. Some are catching well and some just can’t put it together. Our Southern regulars Jack and Earl from Virginia had an absolute blast Tuesday. They worked the local beaches with metal and teasers and had over 3 dozen small bass between the two of them. It seems the guys moving around are doing the best. Don’t stick in one spot all day. We had a lot of birds working along the beach eating Sand Eels in certain spots. Reports of more fish and Sand Eels to the north. I wouldn’t be surprised to see this thing only get better as we head into December. I could easily see the small bass sticking around all winter especially if the Sand Eels stay in the area. 

We got in a Fresh Shipment of Both Fresh Surf  Clams and Fresh Bunker!

Thanksgiving Business hours will be 3am-2pm! We’ll be there for you! Open normal business hours all weekend long! 430am-10pm..