Saturday 3/30

Not a ton of reports came in Friday but we did get good reports from the back bay on Thursday. Our regular Mike DiSalvo caught a beautiful 35″ bass in the back bay and released 2 other keeper size fish (Photo is on our social media pages). All the fish were caught on bait. We got a nice delivery of beautiful Bloodworms Friday and we have plenty of Salted Clams. Nothing reported from out front YET but we have some people trying so I expect to hear something soon. Our hours will be 7am-7pm until Early April. This weekend we’ll be here even earlier. If you see the lights on come on in!

Thursday 3/28

March is starting to wind down with April right around the corner. Back bay fishing remains pretty good. Lots of small bass with a decent pick of Winter Flounder. Weather looks very good this weekend with highs in the 60’s and 70’s. We got in more Worms Wednesday with more coming. I expect to have Fresh Clams the first week of April and thats when I expect to switch to our Full-Time Hours of 430am-10pm EVERYDAY. We’ll keep everyone updated on that.

We did get a few orders in the past couple days. We now carry Greenhead baits! These plastics are a perfect match for the S&S Bucktails we carry. Awesome action and very durable. We also got in the NEW Tony Maja Mojo Rods. These rods are going to be perfect for trolling mojo’s. We also got in the full line-up of Van Staal Jigging rods. These rods are beautiful and are perfect for Tuna jigging but we also have a lighter model that will be very popular for inshore bass fishing on the boat. If you have any questions don’t be afraid to ask!

Open 7am-7pm! Longer Hours start 1st week of APRIL!

Sunday 3/24

We had some wind Saturday and that kept most home but the wind is starting to drop now and Sunday looks beautiful. I did have a couple guys come in during the evening and report a couple keeper flounder and small bass on worms in the bay. Like I said, Sundays weather looks much better and I expect to hear some things especially in the bay. We have plenty of NICE Blood Worms, Salted Clams, and Frozen Bait!

Saturday 3/23

Not many anglers out in the bay Friday due to the wind so we really didn’t hear much. Weather doesn’t look terrible Saturday. Sunday is definitely going to be the better day with highs in the 60’s! We’re loaded up on NICE Bloodworms and Salted Clams along with all the frozen bait you need. Still waiting for our first report from the surf. Who will it be?? Water temps out front are in the low to mid 40’s. If you give it a try use small pieces of bait. A couple years ago off the surf we had a decent bite late March on Bloodworms and small pieces of clams.

Guess what? More SPRING Orders arrived! Proline & Frogg Togg Waders (All our waders range from $69.99-$199.99), Tica Rods, Xtra Tuff Boots, and More ODM’ Rods including the NEW Jigster Rods. I’m expecting even more next week as we get ready.

Thursday 3/21 Good Flounder Fishing!

Looks like some crummy weather today but after this it looks pretty nice. Should be a nice weekend. The Flounder fishing is very good in our bay right now. Any of our local bridges are producing fish. Even had a crew tell me they’re catching them on the seaside park docks as well. All you need is blood worms and a flounder rig. We ordered a mess of Blood Worms for the weekend so we’ll have them. Got some good reports on the bass as well in the bay. Right before dark on artificials and worms.

I’m expecting a wader delivery in the next couple days of Frog Togg and Proline waders so if you’re looking for a new pair for the Spring stop in. The Frog Togg Hellbender breathable waders has been our top seller. I received more plug bags Wednesday including GEAR-UP Bags. All sizes available!

Wednesday 3/20

Mixed reports from the back the past couple days. Some are doing well and it slowed for some. Seems the Bass are starting to spread throughout the bay now. Not just in one area like the past couple weeks. Winter Flounder has picked up the past few days by the local bridges. Had one of our regulars report a limit of them to almost 17″. We have Plenty of Blood Worms along with Salted Clams and all the frozen bait you need.. Still waiting for our first report from out front. Few guys trying but nothing yet. Our plan is to switch to our longer hours first week of April but we’ll play it by ear. I like how this season is developing so far.

We got a limited amount of Scabelly Gliders and Pencils. John at Scabellys could make me 1000 and it would still be a limited amount. That’s how fast they sell! He makes one of the nicest custom plugs on the market. If you’re interested in one stop in soon!

Back bay remains good.

Back bay remains good with small bass. Plugs, Gliders, Kettle Creek Shads, and Worms are all producing fish. The big surprise the past couple days has been the reports of Bluefish in the bay. One of our customers came in Thursday night showing us pictures of Bluefish in the 5-6lb range he caught on one of the local docks on bait. Even had a couple customers come in and replace plastics that got bitten in half. Very surprising but every year its different. Water temps are still cold but maybe these guys stuck around and haven’t left?? We’ll see if we hear anything more in the coming days. The wind has been pretty difficult the past couple days . Nothing from the surf yet but it wouldn’t surprise me if we have a few smaller bass out there. If we can keep this semi warm weather around everything should develop nicely. We have plenty of Salted Clams, Blood Worms, and all the frozen bait you need.

The NEW ODM Evolution Blanks are now in stock! They come in a 10′ 3/4-5oz and a 11′ 1-6oz. One of the nicest rod blanks we’ve ever seen. Everything about these blanks is perfect. Come see Bob in the evening if you’re interested in us making one for you. We also have the full line-up of ODM Factory Rods.

Back bay starting to heat up..

Decent amount of reports coming in the past few days from the back and the bass are starting to spread throughout the bay. Believe it or not most of the reports we’ve been getting have been on gliders and plugs. We’ve had some guys do well on blood worms if you want to bait and wait. We’re expecting another delivery of Blood Worms Friday afternoon. These sunny days are start to warm the waters up and it’s just a matter of time until we start hearing of some fish out front. The real encouraging thing had been the reports of bunker out front already. We had several customers tell us about washed up bunker on the beach.. Things are slowly coming together. We’re going to stay on our winter hours until early April which is 7am-7pm everyday. Weekend weather is looking pretty good. Might be worth a shot out front. Never know!

Blood Worms expected Wednesday afternoon!

Blood Worms are expected Wednesday afternoon! The cold weather doesn’t want to leave us right now! Still have some guys hitting the bay even with the cold temps and it’s a slow pick of Small Bass and Winter Flounder. Nothing special yet but that should change as we get deeper into this month.

So much has come in the past few days as we get ready for the Spring.. Grump was going nuts Tuesday! Van Staal Pliers, Reels, and Offshore Jigging Rods. We also got in orders from Rod Geek Blanks and Tony Maja Products (Bunker Spoons, Rods, and Accessories). The $10 Wooden Poppers are back from Tsunami! We have a Full rack right when you walk in the door. Not going to last long. The shop is looking good!

Bob is going nuts in the Rod Building department. The NEW ODM Evolution Blanks should be here soon. He’s already taken 8 orders in the past 2 days for these rods. If you are interested come see Bob! Don’t want to wait for a custom?? We also have the full line up of ODM Factory rods. ODM Rods is quickly taking over the surf market. The quality of these rods are superb.. There’s 4 models we carry in the shop. DNA Series, Genesis Series, Frontier X Series, and the Nex-1 Series. Prices start at $249.99. Come see us and don’t be afraid to ask questions!

Open 7am-7pm EVERYDAY!

Come on mother nature!

Mother Nature hasn’t been very kind to us so far this month! Some nasty weather tonight and tomorrow. We’ll be open as always if anyone wants to stop in.

Yesterday was the BSC Flea Market. The show was excellent as always. The show season is over and now we can focus on gearing the shop up for the upcoming season.. The fishing in the back has been hit and miss. Few guys are doing well with the small bass on worms and small plugs like the Rapala X-raps and smaller SP Minnows. Hopefully we can break this weather and start to warm these water temps. I was able to talk to our worm guy Sunday. Next Delivery should be mid week. The upcoming storm has screwed everything up for the worm diggers. We’ll update when we get more. We’ll remain on our winter hours until early April. 7am-7pm EVERYDAY!