5/1 May is here!

May is the time to fish! It really depended on who you talked to on Tuesday. Some did well and some got the skunk on the beach. It remains a bait game but I did have one guy catch a couple smaller Bass on kettle creek shads off the surf. We also heard of some bunker out front. In the bay I continue to hear about Bluefish. All assorted sizes. Some on bait and some on poppers. We are still waiting on the big push! Wednesdays weather… Cloudy skies. Chance of PM scattered showers. High 54F. Winds E at 10 to 15 mph. We’re loaded on Fresh Bunker which has been the bait recently.

4/30 Tuesday– More Surf Bass

We had 2 Surf bass hit the scale up to 12.45lbs. Both bass were taken on Bunker in the surf. Seems it’s pick of bass out front but the size is getting bigger now. We also had couple more Bluefish reported from the surf. Nothing crazy yet but I think any day now things could pop. There’s a nice body of fish to the south of us now. Back bay is also giving up a few Medium to Large size Blues on bait. Weather for Tuesday looks good. Cloudy skies.. High 71F. Winds WNW at 5 to 10 mph.

Monday 4/29

Another pick of bass along the beach on bait. One of customers reported 2 Bluefish in the 10b range on poppers out front. The blues are also in the bay. Not full force yet but if you want to target them use a wire leader rig with a chunk of bunker. Any local dock in seaside gives you a shot right now. Might be worth throwing a popper now too. We have plenty of Fresh Bunker and Fresh Clams. Mondays weather is looking good. Partly Cloudy. High near 55F. Winds E at 10 to 15 mph.

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4/28 Saturday– Blues in the Bay..

First off, good luck to all entering the American Angler Fishing Tournament in Seaside Park. We’ll be open 3am for all contestants. We’re loaded up on all the bait you need!

Fishing report– We didn’t get reports until the afternoon hours. It was a pick of bass along the beach on bunker and clams again. The big news Saturday was the bluefish in the bay. We received several reports of some gator blues. Mostly all of them caught on Bunker Chunks. Good to see these yellow eyed demons back in the bay. The wind was gusting out of the west most of the day Saturday which flattened the ocean right out.. Should be good conditions for Sunday. We have everything you need!

Saturday 4/27

The conditions were good most of the day and the rain held off until later on in the day. More reports from the surf. Mostly all bass but we did get another report of bluefish on bait. Did hear of a couple really nice size bass caught in the morning hours that were released. We also had one of our customers catch and release a nice black drum off the surf so we have some of those moving into the area. This isn’t the 1st one we’ve heard about this spring. Last spring we had a abundance of them in the area around this time of the year. Lets hope for a repeat. Just a basic hi-lo rig with a clam if you want to target them. We’re completely loaded up on Fresh Shell Clams, Fresh Bunker, and Bloodworm for the weekend. Winds are going to go hard West Saturday which will flatten out the ocean. We’ll be open 3am both Saturday and Sunday for all anglers! We’ll be open till at least 10pm Saturday night for the American Anglers tournament if you want to pick your bait up before the Sunday rush.

4/27 Friday– Another Surf Bass..

We had another surf bass hit the scale Thursday evening. The bass was caught on Grumpy Clams. Everything yet again was reported on either Fresh Clams or Fresh Bunker. The big news  Thursday was the report of Bluefish! We had one confirmed report from down in IBSP on the ocean side and one confirmed one on the bay side. Big Scott was the one that reported the one on the bay side. The Bluefish hit a Tsunami popper in the bay. The Blues are just starting to move in so don’t expect insane fishing just yet. The spring season is developing nicely and as long as the weather treats us well we should see some good days ahead.

We’re loaded up on Fresh Bait for the weekend! Fresh Bunker, Fresh Clams, Bloodworms and all the Frozen bait you need! 

The American Anglers Fishing Tournament is this Sunday in Seaside Park! We’ll be loaded up on bait and EVERYTHING you need for the big day! Open till at least 10pm both Friday and Saturday. Open very early Sunday. If you see the lights on come on in! 

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4/25 Thursday– 2 Surf Bass Weighed-in..

We had 2 nice Bass up to 14.50LBS weighed-in from the IBSP Surf Wednesday. Both Bass were taken on Grumpy Bunker. Most of our reports came from the Seaside Park to IBSP area. Everything we heard was on either Clams or Bunker. Didn’t hear much on artificials but it was definitely the most action we’ve heard on the beach so far this season and there wasn’t a lot of guys out! We also heard of other Keeper size bass and plenty of shorts. The spring migration is starting. Water temps are climbing by the day and I expect it to only get better going forward. Looks like the Blues are showing way south near AC so it’s just a matter of time for those guys. We have plenty of Fresh Clams and Fresh Bunker. We’re expecting more Bloodworms Thursday. Weather looks great for Thursday. 

The American Anglers Fishing Tournament is this Sunday in Seaside Park! We’ll be loaded up on bait and EVERYTHING you need for the big day! Open till at least 10pm both Friday and Saturday. Open very early Sunday. If you see the lights on come on in! 

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4/24 Wednesday

We had some good reports come from the surf. Almost everything we heard was on bait. Seems the bass out front are getting a little bigger now too. Weather for Wednesday looks very good again. The back bay is still producing bass and we have a bunker showing almost every night on the local docks. Just a matter of time until the Bluefish find them.

We received more stuff Tuesday. We now carry Blackhole Blanks! We carry Charter Special Slow pitch, Challenger Bank, and Cape Cod Specials. All these blanks are designed for inshore and offshore boat fishing. Any questions come see Bob!

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4/23 Tuesday

We had bass reported in the evening hours in the bay. Heard of a couple keeper size fish caught that were released..  Also had couple anglers stop in during the evening and report small bass off the surf on bait. Water temps out front are getting closer to 50 degrees now so I expect things to really pick up here. The weather for Tuesday looks awesome. We have plenty of Fresh Bunker and Fresh Clams.

We received a big order from SuperStrike Monday. All the new colors are in stock! We also added in the smaller 1oz littleneck poppers for the bay. We also got in more Gear-up belts. Expecting more orders in the coming days. Pay attention to our social media pages for updates!

4/22 Monday

Hope everyone had a great Easter. Sent a few guys out on Sunday but not enough to really get an accurate report.. Going into the weekend we had a lot of Bass in the bay and a decent amount in the surf.. The weather is looking whole lot better.. Westerly winds all week. Just a matter of time until we start hearing of Bluefish in both the bay and surf. Any day now?? We have plenty of Fresh Clams, Fresh Bunker, and Bloodworms in stock! 

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