7/1 Monday– July is here!

Happy July! The report hasn’t changed much the past week. We have some cocktail blues and Fluke during the day and some sand tiger sharks and rays in the evening. There has been some bonito and blues in both inlets as well during the day. The water temps out from hit 70 degrees so I expect more and more shark reports to come in this week. We have everything you need for sharking on the beach. Crabbing in the bay has been slow but that should change soon. Mondays weather looks great… Sunny. High 83. Winds SE 10-15mph…

6/28 Friday– Fluking getting better! More Sharks reported at night!

We heard of some good fluking along the beach Thursday. We had 2 keepers weighed-in. Seems the fish are real close to the beach so don’t over cast or reel in your jig to soon! Everything being reported is on Gulp. We also had some Smaller Sand Tigers reported by the evening shift so it is now that time! We also have some cocktail blues, in and out Bonito, Houndfish, and Kingfish being reported. There’s a little of everything right now.. The good stretch of weather looks to continue.. Fridays weather… Partly Cloudy. High 86. Winds East 5-10mph.

We’re happy to announce our new factory surf rods! The Grumpys Tackle “Sandstorm” Series Surf Rods are now available! We’ve been working on this particular model for over a year. The rod is designed by our Master Rod Builder Bob Hryszko. This is perfect for any angler looking for a high-end rod that won’t break the bank. This rod particular model is 9’-0″ and has a rating of 3/4-3oz. It’s a 2 piece rod with all All Fuji Components including silver Fuji K Style guides. It’s built with a dark blue thread to give it a stealth slick look. They retail for $179.99! Next time you’re in check them out. We’re pretty excited about these. Here’s a few pics of the rod.. 

6/26 Wednesday– Summer Fishing!

The waters are warming and it’s bringing in more summer time species. Not a lot of anglers out Tuesday but we got reports of Cownose Rays, Sandtiger Sharks, Kingfish, Fluke, Cocktails Blues, and Bonito. The water was extremely clear and beautiful Tuesday. We had several anglers come in during the night time hours and tell us about some monster run-offs using bunker chunks. Likely Rays or Sharks but it sure gets the blood pumping! If you’re targeting those Bonito in the area we just got in a mess of the NEW Joe Baggs Resin Jigs. We got them in a bunch of different sizes and colors. Store regular Lou Defonteny reported some good Fluke Fishing on the surf using Gulp and Jigs. We have everything you need for the Fluke! Wednesdays weather looks gorgeous. Sunny. High 87. Winds NW 5-10mph. 

Announcement from the Reel Repair Dept!
As of today we will not be accepting any reels for repair, as Frankie Z. has a knee surgery scheduled for this Friday. He will be finishing his never ending pile shortly. If you still need it repaired, you can drop it off and it will be repaired in order of acceptance upon his return. Thank You!

Monday 6/24

It was a picture perfect weekend weatherwise. We sent a bunch of anglers out both days and the reports were pretty much the same. A few Blues, Bass, Drum , and Fluke. The Fluke fishing is the one thing that has been getting better in the past week. Few of our fluke sharpies have been doing well in the morning hours just walking the beach throwing gulp and jigs. As the water temps warm it should only get better. Hearing of some sharks and rays again especially in the evenings. Once we get into July expect some good evening sharking! Mondays weather…Mostly Cloudy. High 81. Winds SW 10-15mph. 

6/23 Saturday

Phenomenal weather and conditions this weekend. We did get some reports Friday of a few drum, blue, fluke and bass. Nothing crazy but there’s some fish around. Almost everything on bait unless you’re targeting Fluke which has been all on Gulp.  We have 2 days of Westerly Winds so make sure you have your Captain Ron’s bug spray if you go to IBSP. We have plenty in stock! We’ll update our social media pages if we hear or weigh anything in..

6/22 Friday

Basically the same report. Slow pick along the beach. Not a ton of guys out with the storms we had. More reports of Fluke in the wash. That fishing should only get better going forward. We have everything you need for the flat ones! Did hear of a couple Kingfish already which isn’t odd but still a little early for them. Fridays weather… AM Showers and clearing. High 79. Winds NW 10-15mph. Good wind for Friday. Should be more people out Friday. Lets hope for a 2nd push of Drum into the area!

6/20 Thursday

Slower fishing the past few days. There’s still some Drum around and we’ve heard of some Blues and Bass. Bait still your best bet. Conditions look good for Thursday. We have plenty of Fresh Jumbo Clams and Fresh Bunker.

Drum Bonanza! 6/17

Another great day along the surf. The Drum fishing in the morning was fantastic! Check out the pics below. We also had Bass and Fluke weighed-in. The fishing is very good right now. There’s a bunch of different things to target and the weather has been very good. We’re working on getting more Fresh Clams Monday evening. We’ll update when they arrive. Here’s Sundays weigh-ins…

6/16 Sunday

More Drum reported in the morning hours but the wind kept getting worse and worse as the day went on so we didn’t hear much in the evening. We did weigh in a nice drum during the evening though by Chris Pitcher. The Drum was 34.5″ Long and weighed 19.40lbs.. We were finally able to get our hands on some Fresh SURF Clams Saturday evening so we’re loaded up and we have plenty of Fresh Bunker. Here’s Saturdays weigh-in….

6/15 Saturday– The Drum Goes on! Fantastic Drum fishing!

Fantastic Black Drum fishing along the beach Friday. Countless reports came in from all over. Biggest one that hit the scale was 26.65LBS. Seaside Park to IBSP. Fresh or Salted Clams on a simple fish finder or hi-lo rig is all you need! Check out the pics below of the weigh-ins. Most of the anglers we talked to didn’t just have one! Some had a handful! The drum weren’t the only thing biting in the area. We got some good reports on Blues and even Bass. One bass hit the scale. Almost everything we heard was on bait. Weather looks pretty good for Saturday. Here’s some of the weigh-ins from Friday….