7/31 Wednesday— Better Fluking on the surf!

Much better fluking the past couple days off the surf. We had 4 fluke hit the scale Tuesday and heard of other keepers caught. We talked to several anglers that told us the fluke were spitting up Sandeels! Encouraging news if true. If you plan on targeting them use Gulp and jigs! Some of the new colors of gulp are getting the job done! We have the full selection. There’s also kingfish still in the area and the small blues are still all over. Crabbing in the bay remains excellent. Even hearing of some snappers and blowfish on the docks.

Report stays the same but the crabbing got HOT!

What a stretch of weather we’ve had on the shore this summer. The fishing has been pretty decent. The crabbing has been HOT! In the surf we’ve had small cocktail blues, kingfish, fluke, and some bonito reported. The bluefish have been biting mullet on a mullet rig or small pieces of bunker on a fireball or regular float rig. The kingfish have been on fishbites, squid, or clams. Fluking has been hit and miss but everything being reported has been on Gulp and speaking of Gulp we have all the NEW Colors in stock! The new gulp rack sure looks more colorful now! The crabbing in the bay is as good as it gets. It started really slow this season but has exploded the past week. Good size and plentiful. Hope it continues!

Pay attention to our social media pages for updates. More new stuff coming this week including NEW plugs from Scabelly! We’ll update this report page if anything new pops up. The summer is flying by and as soon as you know it we’ll be in the fall season.

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7/22 Monday– Kingfish still here! New Gulp is here!

Sorry for the lack of reports but things haven’t really changed since the last update. The kingfish are still here in good numbers. A lot of anglers had good success over the weekend. Fishbites on a simple kingfish rig is all you need! Not many people know but kingfish is terrific table fare. There’s also trigger fish on the jetty. We had a nice one weighed-in. We also have small blues up and down eating mullet and bunker. The fluking is OK off the surf but still not where it should be. We got in most of the NEW colors of Gulp if you want to try them out. Sharking in the Surf is OK as well. Still waiting for that to take off but the cownose rays have been putting on show pretty much all day. Crabbing in the bay has gotten much better! Lots of nice size ones showing up.  We’ll update if anything changes! 

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7/15 Monday

Hope everyone had a great weekend. Lots of activity around all weekend. The kingfish and small blues were the game in town. Fluke were reported each morning on Gulp. Keeper ratio isn’t good yet. We also had some sharks and rays reported during the evening. The surf was beautiful all weekend. Clean and warm. The shark life should only get better going forward. Crabbing in the bay was pretty good this weekend. We have everything you need!

Update on our Frankie Z! His knee surgery went okay. He’s hobbling around and hopes to be back soon. Our reel department is currently shut down until he returns. We’ll update everyone when it re-opens! 

7/12 Friday–Lots of Kingfish!

We had tons of Kingfish reported off the surf Thursday. Pretty much all over. Small pieces of Fishbites, Clams, or squid is all you need but the Fishbites were working the best. Don’t have to cast far for them either! The anglers holding the rods are doing the best. It’s a very small bite so be ready! Our good customer Allen G. reported fantastic action in the park and he said it just kept getting better as the evening rolled in. They’re not big but they’re delicious to eat. There’s no size limit or bag limit on these guys. We also had lots of cocktail blues reported up and down on mullet and small pieces of bunker. The fluking off the surf is OK. Some of our pro flukers have been putting in some time in the park and have been limiting out. Everything on Gulp! The crabbing in the bay is getting better and better. Heard of some good catches the past few days. Weather looks fantastic for Friday and the whole weekend!

Blues/Sharks and better crabbing!

Very busy weekend at the shop but not a lot of fishing report info coming in. We did hear of a lot of cocktail blues off the surf and the crabbing in the bay is finally picking up. Snapper Blues should start showing in the bay. We did talk to some sharkers Saturday night that were catching sand tigers off the surf. Trick is getting the baits out as far as you can. As we get info we’ll update our report page. Pay attention to our social media pages for updates as well.

7/6 Saturday

Good pick of cocktail Blues off the surf on Mullet and Bunker Friday. There is a few bass still around. We had one weighed-in Thursday. Few Fluke reported on Gulp. There’s also some Bonito and Spanish mackerel popping up in certain spots but thats been a right spot at the right time type of deal. In the bay the crabbing is picking up. Heard of some good catches in the bay the past couple days. Nothing really on snapper blues yet but the blowfish are showing on the local docks on clams and squid. We’re open all weekend normal business hours! 430am-10pm!

7/4– 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July! We’re on normal business hours all weekend and Thursday. 430am-10pm.

Decent amount of life around. In the surf we have cocktail Blues, Fluke, Spanish Mackerel, Bonito, Kingfish, and some Sandtigers in the evening. The blues have been the game in town. Everything has been on either bunker or mullet. They’re ranging from snapper size to 3lbs. In the bay we have some blowfish being reported on the docks and the crabbing is slowly picking up. We have plenty of Fresh Bunker, Salted Clams, and all the frozen bait you need. Weather has been real nice and it looks to continue through the weekend. Just a FYI if the wind goes west make sure you bring Captain Ron’s bug spray with you. We got in a pallet of this stuff yesterday. It’s been unbelievable for the IBSP green flies.

Enjoy the holiday!

7/2 Tuesday– Lots of life around

Amazing amount of life in the area Monday. The ocean was just pristine! We had tons of bait in the surf and the small blues were on them. Adult Bunker and anchovies were reported up and down Monday. Talked to several anglers that told me it was non stop with small blues using mullet and bunker. The fluking was pretty decent as well. There’s also Bonito and Spanish Mackerel in the area. If you want to target them look no further than the Joe Baggs Resin Jigs or the Hogy Epoxy Jigs. We have plenty in stock. We had several Sand Tigers reported in the evening as well. Tuesdays weather is another nice but hot one!….Mostly Sunny. High 89. Winds SW 10-15mph. Heck of a stretch of weather we’ve seen.