9/30 Monday

The NE wind yesterday had no impact on the Bluefishing yesterday that I heard of. But, a couple of yesterdays overnight pluggers stopped in to give me solid reports of small Bass spread out in the surf. Seems like first and last light are the time to focus on them.
We’ve been put on standby and awaiting another batch of Scabellys to come in. As soon as they come in, we will post the announcement.


The Bluefish continue to wreak havoc on the Mullet and small artificials in the surf. We are stocking Green crabs for the Triggers and Blackfish are still hanging around the Jetty.

And somebody please tell the Fluke that they are out of season and to stop eating the baits and lures intended for the Blues. As well as the Bass that are around at first and last light.

9/29 Sunday

Basically the same report as Friday but only more Mullet pouring down the beach . There was Small Blues all over again on mullet. We did have a couple good reports of Bass again in the morning. Shell E. Caris sent me some photos of some really nice Bass he caught on Swimmers. There’s bass around you just have to put your time in and throw the proper stuff. Anything that’ll imitate a mullet right now. Danny Swimmers, Polaris Poppers, Tsunami Shads, Kettle Creek Shads, Scabelly Gliders are the heavy hitters right now. There’s a crazy amount of mullet in the area right now. Match the hatch! Sundays weather….. Partly Sunny. High 79. Winds WSW 10mph going NNE 10-20 mph in the afternoon.

Just a heads up! We have our biggest Scabelly delivery of the season coming early next week! Pay attention to our social media pages.. He made some awesome stuff in this order… First Come First Serve!

9/28 Saturday– More Blues and a few Bass!

Good reports again from the surf. We had a lot of guys come back and reload on mullet. Hearing of a few Bigger Blues in the mix now so that’s encouraging.. Heard of more bass in the morning on artificials. Water Temps are still pretty warm but the huge abundance of mullet in the area is turning on these resident bass. The Mullet were stacked in the area Friday. We had the biggest drop-off of mullet of the season Friday night. We’re loaded for the weekend! We also have plenty of Fresh Bunker, Live Green Crabs, and Salted Clams. Weather looks great all weekend.

 Open 430am-10pm Everyday!

9/27 Friday– More Bass being reported.

We continue to hear about Bass in the morning hours. Anglers working the beaches using small paddletails, poppers, or small swimmers have been producing the past couple mornings. The small bluefish are still all over. Mullet on a mullet rig is the way to go with them. We actually heard of a few decent size weakfish caught off the surf Thursday evening. We have plenty of Fresh Mullet as the mullet run is still going very strong. We had over 500 Dozen come in Thursday night.

9/26 Thursday

The Mullet run is going strong and the small blues were on their tails Wednesday. Bait fishing is definitely the way to go with the Blues right now. Almost everything is being reported on mullet on a mullet rig. We’re continuing to hear of small bass on artificials in the morning hours off the surf. The back bay is really starting to heat up with the bass. The bass back there are feeding on mullet as well so match the hatch.

Another batch of Fresh Mullet came in right before closing Wednesday so we’re loaded up. We also have plenty of Green Crabs for the jetty guys.

9/25 Wednesday

More of the same when it comes to the small blues. They were reported most of the day but it wasn’t the fast and furious action we’ve had the past couple weeks. Conditions were a little tough Tuesday. The Mullet run is still going. We did have one of our good customers report a nice keeper size bass that he released on a yellow popper Monday night.

We got in over 16 boxes of Tsunami products Tuesday. Everything from Rods to reels to lures. We also got in the NEW Shimano Stradic XGFL in Sizes 3000, 4000, and 5000. Price ranges from $209.99 to $229.99. The hype is real with the guy. Check them out the next time you’re in.

9/24 Tuesday

Still the same report. Hasn’t really changed much. Water temps are still pretty warm. Need some cooler nights to get things going with the bass but there are a few around. The small blues are keeping everyone busy until the real stuff arrives! Mullet run is in full swing right now. Our mullet guys have been bringing full coolers the past couple days.

We got in more St. Croix Surf Rods. We now have the full line-up of the NEW Legend Surf and Avid Surf Rods. We also received more of the HOT Tsunami Salt-X 6000 Reels. Plenty in stock for the Fall!!

9/23 Monday— Same report!

Good action with the blues again and there are some bass around you just have to work the beaches in the early morning or late night hours. Throw anything that will imitate a Mullet. Most of the bass being reported are on the small side. We have plenty of Fresh Mullet and Fresh Bunker. Lots of orders coming in this week as we load the shop up for the Fall run. Pay attention to our social media pages in the coming days.. 

Open 430am-10pm Everyday!

9/22 Sunday– Good action again…

Good action again with the Blues and we heard of a good amount of small bass in the morning hours. The Blues are ranging from 1-5lbs with a few bigger ones in the mix. The bass are all under 24″ but it’s good to see them in the suds. Mullet is the bait if you want to target the blues. If you want to use artificials for the Blues try the Hogy Jigs, Joe Baggs Resin Jigs, or any small metal. The Bass we heard of were reported on Kettle Creeks Shads, Storm Shads, and smaller Bucktails. Fluke Season is officially closed Sunday but were heard of a good amount of them Saturday and had a few weighed-in (Of Course!)… Lots of bait in the surf which is encouraging as we head into October. We got loaded up with Fresh Mullet Saturday night and we have plenty of Fresh Bunker.